Me treng fleire profetiske mødrer
Jula er misjonstid

My mothers hallmark

 My wonderful, loving and caring mother wenth to be with the Lord the 3 of April at the age of 92 years old. She had finished the race, was tired, longing to meet with her Lord and Saviour, longing to take part in Heavens joy. I think she will hear the words: «Welcome you faithful servant»!

I am grateful that my husband and myself were reminded to travel to my homeplace to see her only two weeks before she left this world. We had a wonderful time with her. I was so thankful that she recogniced me and even my husbands name she remembered.

I found her old hymnbook and sung some of the wellknown songs she used to sing when we were children. Now, with her feeble voice, she joined in singing the praise to God, with a peaceful and glad expression in her face. We were singing 2-3 different songs, it was a divine momont, the presence of God was in the room. I read from her Bible Psalm 23, prayed and thanked God.

My mother was so pleased. «Thank you, she said, thank you.»Her spirit was alive, she was so blessed. Her world had become so small, her words were so few, but she loved Jesus Christ and never forgot Him. She forgot people and peoples faces who they were, forgot things, but one thing she never forgot, to give thanks for everything, to say thank you.

She was such a grateful person, she expressed thanks for the small things and the great things. Her heart was full of thanks, she gave thanks and praises to God and she said thank you again and again to everybody who visited her. When she was in bed the last days of her life the few words she expressed was, thank you. I think that was one great hallmark of my mother.

Thank you Lord for my dear, sweet and precious mother. Her example in words and deeds inspire me to move on till we meet again.