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My caring husband

Since we arrived home, after the dramatic car accident inm India, I have been in bed most of the time total dependant on my dear husband to help me with most of the things. Because I have this special frame on me I can't even go out of bed myself, but I can walk a little around on my own before I have to lay down again. Erling has even placed an extra bed near the big windows in the living room so I can look out the windows, look at the birds and the open big sky. And some days rain is pouring down. Lots of birds are coming ewvery morning to eat food from the birds' tray full of seeds or bread crumbs.

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What a letter can do

Yesterday when my husband brought me the post of the day I was eagerly watching. Is there a personal letter for me? In these days we have all these letters of advertisement to but this or that, extraordinary things you must have, or moving stories in letters about needs, to help an organisation, especially now before Christmas.

Laying in my bed I looked through the envelops first. Yes, one special letter in fact, "To mormor" (mothers mother) and my name was written on the envelop. Eagerly I opened the letter. It was from Sunniva, my six years old granddaughter in England. Inside, on the first page she had made a beautiful painting of me and her. I smiled and looked really young and slim on that painting.

I turned the page to read a very sweet, warm letter about what she was doing. She expressed her love for me, asking me to visit her, and she was telling that she was praying for me. It was a well written letter. She is so clever for her age. On the last page she had painted a big beautiful flower.

Oh, sweet little angel, how she warmed my heart this morning. I am surrounded by love all day long. But laying in my bed this rainy morning it was like a sunbeam shining through my window, brightening my day. It was an extra blessing. "Thank you Lord,! Thank you for little Sunniva. Thank you for all our grandchildren. Oh, Lord, thank you for what a letter of love can do! 

Å reisa overalt for å vera saman med Guds folk

Kona mi og eg er nett heimkomne frå reise i India og Nepal for å vera saman med Guds folk. Me har gjort det same som apostelen Peter gjorde. Han reiste omkring overalt og besøkte dei heilage  (Apg 9,32). Medan han gjorde det såg han mange behov og vart brukt av Gud til hjelpa folk til lækjedom og nytt liv. På grunn av det Gud gjorde gjennom han då han var saman med Guds folk kom mange folk til tru, ja ein heil by vende om til Herren (Apg. 9,35,42). For eit effektivt misjonsarbeid! For ein enkel måte å driva misjon på!

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Made so wonderfully complex

As I woke up the first morning after arriving home from India, my first thought was; what will the doctor tell me today about the result of the CT scan? I let my dear husband have my mobile-phone so he could hear the news first. Before I heard from the doctor we had a phone call from India. Brother Rao told us that they had been praying for Mother (I am called Mother by him and all the people at his place), and she does not need any surgery, but only to take rest. I was comforted by this kind greeting.

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God gave me life again as a precious gift

One week ago I met with a serious car accident in India. My dear husband, Erling, and our dear friend Zephry have both told about the dramatic event when our taxi had a puncture and the driver lost controll, in Erlings blog. Therefore I will not repeat the story but rather express shortly what I experienced in the dramatic situation.

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