Retten til å påverka samfunnet
Eg ser folk reisa seg

Flowers from heaven

I can not express or explain by words, how special, how wonderful, how blessed days we experienced at the leaders conference in India. Every day was different from the other, but every day was started by coming before the Lord in praise and worship. Every day God’s presence was evidently among us, the Holy Spirit was moving, guiding and leading, and all plans made were set aside. The prophetic spirit was upon us, those who hadn’t prophesied before started to do so after being prayed for. We were dialoguing, hearing from God, praying for each other.

One of these days was very extraordinary to me and still fills my heart with thanksgiving and my eyes with tears by thinking of what happened.

When we arrived this morning many leaders were already worshipping and praising God with great excitement and enthusiasm. We found our places and joined in, God’s presence was wonderful and strong, people started to prophesy, sharing words. I suddenly felt my stomach was paining and I was perspiring all over, felt uncomfortable and was wondering, shall I leave the room? But I wanted so much to be there and didn’t want to disturb so I prayed in my heart, please help Lord. Then suddenly I heard my name and I got a beautiful word from a brother. He saw I that I had  so many flowers in my arms, I also got another encouraging word from another servant of God.

Oh Lord, I thought, I would like to share these flowers. Suddenly Zephry said: Solveig, are you going to share these flowers? In faith I went from were I was standing and as I did so strength filled me, and I was well from the same moment. The Holy Spirit was moving, I went to several, distributed ”flowers,” words from the Lord to them.

A little while later, my friend Brenda arrived to the gathering. She didn’t know what had happened. But she brought roses from their garden to give to me! We placed the roses in a vase in front of the room. I was encouraged and we were all encouraged to give out more “flowers” that day. What a day this was, God is so good, he is giving and giving out “flowers” from His hands all the time. He gives us everything we need and equip us so we can give and bless others.