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My mother is 90 years

We returned to our home in Bergen today after being to my native place to celebrate my mothers 90 years Birthday. Me and my sisters arranged a small party in the good home where she is staying where the nurses are looking well after her. She get tired and confused if there are too many people around at the same time so we were only 12 of us at the party. Some grandchildren will visit her the following days.

My mother is quite well physically but she is senile and has a very weak memory. She is asking the same question over and over again. But she still recognise her daughters and sons in law and knows our names.

We had a couple of  blessed hours together. We enjoyed a nice meal and I had written a song from me and my sisters to express gratefulness toward my mother and to God for such a wonderful mother, and as we were singing, tears were running down our cheeks. Our mother was sitting like a queen so sweet and beautiful, she smiled and enjoyed herself very much. She is such a warm and good mother. She loves us so much and always remember to ask about our families how we all are. She loves the Lord and from early childhood she told about Him, taught us to pray and to sing and worship Him. She loves the word of God and she is happy when we share a word from the Bible to her. I am thanking God every day she says. All four daughters and sons in law are believers.

I am so grateful for my mother what input and inheritance she has given to me, how grateful I am for my parents. My father went to be with the Lord 7 years ago, nearly 87.

My oldest sister and myself live in Bergen so we cannot see our mother so often, But on Thursday we had an unforgettable day celebrating our mother. I am so privileged having a mother like her, and my prayer is for her that she will know the Lords care, blessing and strength until He calls her home.