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A good friend has passed away

This morning we got the sad news from India that a dear sister and a good friend had gone to be with the Lord. I was very sad when I heard it, my eyes was filled with tears and I was weeping. I did not know that she was ill so it was unexpected. She was not old, a few years younger than me.

I met Puspha the first time I went to India together with my husband, about 15 years ago. She and her husband came from Hindu background and were the first believers in the church. At that time she was quite shy and her self esteem was rather low. I remember I got a word from the Lord to encourage her. She brought it to my memory some years later how the word had been fulfilled in her life.

I have met Puspha every time we have been to India and I have got to know her and love her more and more. I have really felt knitted in my heart to her. She does not know much English and I am not clever in Hindi, but we have used the few words and sentences we can and one sentence she always proclaimed: God is good, she said with a big smile and pointed towards heaven. Language is no hinder for love and with smile and big hugs we could express what we felt. I had the joy to see her growth and progress in the Lord. She became an eager, faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Many people came to believe in Jesus and accepted His Lordship because of Puspha`life and testimony. She was a bold witness for Jesus and a prayerful lady. She was a blessing for the church, and she very often brought a word from the Bible or a prophecy when the believers were together. She was a good mother and a loved grandmother. I know they will all miss her and I am praying for them.

Puspha got some illness and should go through some treatment but died last night.

I am thanking God for Puspha, thanking God for her great memory, how dear and precious she was to me. I saw how God,`s grace worked into her life. She was a beautiful rose in the garden of God.

But now she is shining much brighter, she is free from pains and trouble, she has gone to a better place to be with the Lord. Last week another friend from India died together with  her husband and little daughter, in a tragic accident. I also knew and loved this sister very much.

The comfort is that we will meet again. Sometimes sad things happens and we do not understand, but my testimony is clear. God is a good God!

Divine appointment

Last evening I returned home after a nice visit to our youngest daughter who lives in Stokke. She had some days free from work. She is getting married in July and we had many plans to make and decisions to make. We had a good time together and I also met her coming bridegroom, when he visited  after finishing work.

But what I want to tell about is what happened on my travel to Stokke. I decided to go by train and was able to get a very reasonable price. I entered the train Thursday morning and I had a great expectation since me and my good friend and prayer partner, Annlaug, had been praying for Gods guidance on the journey.

Everybody that entered the carriage had got a reserved seat near the window, the same did I. Only a couple and two friends were sitting next to each other. But then a Chinese lady had got the seat next to me. I said hello to her and said a few words in Norwegian, but then she said, English? So we continued to communicate in English. She was very interested to talk with me. She was a student, 25 years, had taken master degree, studying in Germany. This was a tourist trip to Norway and she was on the train going to Myrdal, continuing to Flåm.

We had a very interesting time together. She asked a lot of questions, good questions of different kind. I was also able to share the good news about the Salvation of Jesus Christ and she was open and listened. She asked about my goals, about raising children, about priorities and work. She asked about friendship and many more things. I pointed out the window and explained about the places, but she said I prefer to listen to you! In fact that distance held many tunnels as well, nothing to see. She got my email and post address. I also gave her a card with a wonderful word from the Bible.

The time went so fast and when she left we hugged each other and she seemed to be moved when she said, I want to become like you one day.

I sat down after saying good bye, silently thanking God, tears filling my eyes, I  had felt Gods presence and The Holy Spirit being with me. Gods grace is so great, and he answered prayers. I said to myself: This was a divine appointment. I will continue to pray for her, waiting eagerly for her letter.