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Ready for India

Now I am ready to go to India again and I have counted, it is my 26th time! Once again the suitcases are packed for ourselves and one bag with clothes for children to give to some of the poor families. I have bought some gifts for the dear friends and families we have become friends with during the years. We have been praying for the trip, been in the Father’s presence and our friends in the church have been praying for us. We have said goodbye to our friends and family. Yesterday we were invited to our son Josef, his lovely wife, Elizabeth and their precious 3 children. We got a delicious dinner meal and I was even celebrated and got nice gifts for my coming Birthday in India. We will miss them but they understand why we go and promised to pray for us. But this time our son who lives in Tromsø, Karl Enok will join us in India. It is his first time and we look very much forward for his coming.

And now my heart is filled with joy and expectation, looking forward to meet our friends in this great nation, looking forward to see what God is doing among us when we meet for conferences, in house churches and fellowshipping with the few. I trust God’s promises, he is faithful with us every day. Our desire is to serve Him wholeheartedly home and away, to see His kingdom come and will be done, and now we have the privilege to serve Him 1 month in India.