Alan Hirsch vitja Bergen
Guds bodberarar

The Sun and the Light

For more than two month it has been raining in Bergen every day. Yesterday it was announced in the news to be the 73 day of raining. Many days it has been pouring down all day, some days it has been showers of rain and a few days, in fact very few, we have seen the sun in between the showers of water.

Yesterday this happened again. I had just finishing cleaning and tidying the house, putting away some Christmas decorations when bright beams of sunshine lightened up the kitchen and the living room. I was so happy, it was so nice, even if this sharp light revealed some more spots of dust some places that needed to be washed away. But I enjoyed the sunshine and to look out of the window and see the beautiful glittering like diamonds on the branches of the trees. The sight was so different when the sun was shining. The sun was out for half an hour before it set and went down behind the mountains.

I was thinking of the real light, Jesus Christ, the son of God. He is the Light of the world and he has cleansed my heart and washed away all the dirty stains and spots, hallelujah. He brightens my day, every day, he lightens my path and guide me by His Word. He fills my heart with sunshine.

Raining or sunshine outside, in fact it matters so little. He makes my day, every day a good day when living in His light.