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Summer in September

Warm sun was shining from a clear sky and no clouds could be seen at all. From my kitchen window I can see the fjord, it is a wonderful view. There are no waves or move on the surface. The fjord is like the mirror of the sun, shining and glittering of silver and gold. It is like a chest of treasures full.

A motor speedboat is crossing the sea, making small waves, but no sound is heard from the distance. The grass on the fields and lawns are still green and roses and other flowers can still be picked in the garden. Some birds are singing and lazy flies are buzzing.

As the hours passes it becomes warmer and warmer and the temperature goes higher and reach record for Bergen in September, 26,5 degrees. More and more people are to be seen outdoors and by evening time a lot of kids are having fun ,celebrating their friend in a Birthday party. They are playing in the garden across our road, laughing and shouting.

What a wonderful day it has been, even with a lot of things and work I had to, I really had enjoyed this taste of summer. The only difference we could notice by the evening and night time, it  is another season because it became darker faster. Praise God for his warm smile to us, giving us summer in September.