Profeten argumenterer ikkje med folk, men går til Gud
Ein Guds mann det går store ord om

Summer holidays are over

Our holidays are definitely over even if the summer is still here. The sun is shining, it is nice and warm, the temperature has been about 20-23 degrees the last few days. We can enjoy our meals on the veranda when we are home.

How many wonderful memories and exiting experiences we have been through. This summer has include all the words we connect with summer, sunny days, swimming, bathing in sea, white beaches, barbeques, walking and climbing in mountain area, visiting historic places and small nice towns and some bigger, having fellowship and fun with my husband and had also happy times with family and friends.

But let me shortly try to go through our weeks of vacation and happenings. We, Erling and me, spent more than two weeks in


in June and had an excellent, enjoyable time. We were relaxing and reading, I read 4-5 books myself, I was swimming in the pool every day and we went also several times to bathe in the sea. We visited a few new places but we relaxed a lot just being home, often on the flat ceiling on the house, just pleasant temperature. We choose sunbathing or shadow as we wanted. We prayed together as usual, but now we could use more time.

Arriving home we have had a lot of visits from our grandchildren, some have been alone and some with parents. Hanna and her family came with the ferry to


and spent two weeks in


. We went together with them on a round trip, over the mountains to


and along the coast to


to visit my mother and relatives there. We had a very good trip. It has been so exiting to be able to spend so much time with our wonderful grandchildren and families. To see the children’s excitement, their happy faces and big smiles, often just over some small things, it is a blessing, the children enriches us so much. I love my grandchildren so dearly, each of them are so special. This summer we celebrated Birthdays for some of them and that was great. During the summer we also took part in the wedding of young Eva and Håkon, a lovely couple.

But we were also attending the Bibleweek in Stokke and that was an excellent time, both with the inspiring and challenging we got from the Word that was given, and the joy and strengthening of fellowshipping with friends. The weather was also beautiful all week.

So I am grateful to God for all the blessings I have experienced this summer and look forward to autumn with great expectation.