Å verta tiltrudd å vera profet
Eit ekko eller ei røyst?


This word is a strong but wonderful word. I can say it out loud, I can think about it and to me the taste, the feelings and thoughts are good. My heart is filled with gratefulness and joy because I have experienced so much of true faithfulness in all my life.

God is a faithful God, His word is saying: -“the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever” (Psalm 117,2)  I have over and over again given Him praise and honour for His wonderful faithfulness towards me. I praise the Lord for his unfailing love, I have failed but He never does. His faithful promises are my armour and protection. I can read my Bible with confidence and know that my faithful God will do what he says and fulfil all his plans.

I will shout with joy each morning because of your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge a place of safety in the days of distress.

It is good in the evenings to proclaim his faithfulness. That faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens. Praise the Lord, His faithfulness continues to each generation. My prayer and desire is to tell and pass on to the young ones about the wonderful faithfulness of God.

God has been so good to me, He is the first and the best to be thanked for His faithfulness. But I am so grateful to God for the wonderful husband I have and the way he has shown his faithfulness to me. For more than 41 years he has been a faithful, caring and loving husband. I have never had any reason to doubt him, he has been so kind and good to me. I can fully trust him and share everything with him.

I am also glad I can add friends to the list of those who have shown faithfulness. What a blessing it is to have dear friends you can trust and share life and fellowship with. I praise God for each  one of them and my prayer is to always be a faithful friend to them