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4 entries from January 2006

Jonathan - 4 years old

The last week our little grandson Jonathan have been staying with us. His little sister Mathilde is in hospital and her mother is with her. Jonathan’s father is in Stavanger where they live, he has to work but will come to Bergen later when Mathilde has been through the surgery she needs.
Little Jonathan is a very kind and nice boy, he is sweet and smiling. He has behaved so well and is so obedient to us. He is a very precious boy! Jonathan has been much ill when he was younger and he has been many times to treatment and surgery in hospital. But I am so grateful to God that he is fine now.
Jonathan prefer me to stay in the bedroom with him during the night, but after praying and singing he very soon falls asleep.
This morning I woke up by a little voice saying next to me “ How are you grandmother, are you fine?” He is so cute! Sometimes during the day he will ask the same question to us, he is a caring little boy.
Jonathan loves to play with small pirate boats and captain “Sabeltann” is the big hero. He is also very clever in drawing. He is a bit wondering when I tell him that Jesus is the strongest one. But often in the morning when I am reading from the Bible his favourite is the story when Moses and the people escape through the Red Sea. He is a good listener.
We love our grandchildren, they are all so dear and special to us. We pray that what we invest in their lives must be important and valuable for their coming days and years. But these days it is Jonathan, 4 years old that get most of my time, care, love and attention.

Christmas gift in January

An enjoyable Christmas gift

One of the Christmas gift given to Erling and myself surprised and exited us both. We got an invitation card from a nice young couple in the church, Eli and Werner. They wanted to bless us by serving us dinner and they also wanted to get to know us better. We could choose a day in January and yesterday was a good day for all four of us.
We arrived to their nice home at Nesttun to “open” and enjoy the gift. Eli and Werner have been married for 1 ½ years but have already managed to by a house of their own. They have rented out one part of the house. They are both studying but Eli has also got a small job.So they are busy but doing fine.
They gave us a delicious, homemade dinner which we enjoyed very much. Afterwards we had freshly brewed coffee and tea and sweet ice cream. We had a good time of fellowship and talking together. We talked about many things, also about marriage and they were interested to know of our experience, being married 40 years more than them! We had a good time, I think all of us enjoyed it. It is so refreshing being with young people, we can all benefit from it and I think the younger generation get something in return being with the older ones.
The time in good company went fast and we had to say good bye, being so much enriched and blessed by Eli and Werner, this young, lovely couple.
The good thing is that this kind of Christmas gifts can be given all year through!

Surrounded by God’s shield of love.

A new year has begun and we can wonder what this year will bring of events, good days and perhaps days of sorrows. Even so that none of us know the future, there are some facts that are certain, some eternal truths that no man can change.
God is on the throne. The chosen king sits on the throne, He the Almighty one who can do anything, He is faithful every day, every year. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That is why I with confident and expectation can look forward for the coming days this New Year. I can trust my faithful God and what his word is saying in the Bible.
This morning I was blessed again by His word and especially by the Psalm:5.11-12
But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Protect them, so all who love your name may be filled with joy. For you bless the godly, O Lord, surrounding them with your shield of love.
What joy for all who find protection in him!