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Home and away

Erling and me have been away a lot the last weeks. We were more than five weeks in India and had a fantastic, wonderful time. We visited many states, we went to Darjeeling in the north, we were far South in AP, we visited our favourite city Jaipur, but we went also to many other big cities and small places. We experienced God’s protection and care, his daily guidance and power from the Holy Spirit. We met so many dear friends, we were blessed to see their commitment and faithfulness to their Master. We were moved and blessed to listen to their testimonies. By the grace of God we were able to share and give to them from the rich resources in the Word of God. The relationship with our sisters and brothers in the covenant communities were strengthened and we got to know new precious people. I love children and I was so exited when I could hold small, tiny babies in my arms, or other young ones who dared to hold a white hand. I had also the privilege to give name to three newborn girls! I am also very happy when I can show how I love the sisters and women I meet and not least the old ones are grateful for a warm hug.
Most of the time our good friend Zephry was together with us and he is a great blessing to us and he was giving very good teaching and insight about being good leaders where we had leader’s gatherings. We have known his family for many years and they are very dear and special to us. God is so good to us, I am so grateful for being able once again to go India. Except for a natural tiredness caused by the time difference I felt refreshed and strengthened after coming home.
We stayed only one day at home. Then we went by car to Jæren to visit family and friends. We stayed in my home where I spent my childhood. The house is empty now because my very old mother is in a nursing home. We visited her a couple of times and many relatives. We celebrated our son’s Birthday and had the joy of being with our grandchildren Jonathan and Mathilde. It was some enjoyable days.
But now we are home again and it is good to be home. We have dear families and friends here too and it is something sweet to be in your own lovely home for a while. Home or away, the best place is to be where God wants us!