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Breakfast with women


This morning I enjoyed a special breakfast. I went to our church building to meet with a good company of women who had a wonderful time of having breakfast together, sharing fellowship and life together, being build up by the word of God.

We were about 40 woman, younger and elder, married and unmarried who came together. I knew most of them, sisters and friends, but I met some new people as well. Some sisters had prepared a tasty breakfast and we were seated around nicely laid out tables.

Gerd Askeland welcomed us all by reading the Word from Psalm 68.11 “The Lord announces victory, and throngs of women shout the happy news.” She praised God for choosing us to be among those women.

We enjoyed the food while we where talking and having nice fellowship with each other. Then Kjersti Ørnhaug led us into praise and worship. Many women participated in giving thanks to God and it was wonderful to experience the Holy Spirit moving among us. Solveig Grønner shared her testimony about her life working and walking without the Word of God and the difference it made when she started to read and practice the Word and let the Word determine her life. What consequences and change for herself, her family and people around her and what a change it was when she was baptized by the Holy Spirit and led and controlled by Him.

We were moved and encouraged, listening to her. We were also praying for people, God spoke to us also by prophetic words, some got specific words and I think we were all blessed by Gods presence and His Spirit moving among us.

We will have more gathering of this kind and look forward for it. In the meantime we will encourage each other and by the grace of God run with the good news and share about His goodness and love towards us.