Guds ord gjer sitt verk
60 år i skuggen av atombomba

Bibleweeks and blessings

Yesterday we arrived home after we had been to the second Bibleweek in July. And we will attend the third one this coming weekend! This time we go by plane to England were we meet at a conference place near Stafford. We have had two very good weeks so far.

At Harstad we heard good teaching from Norwegian servants of God and also from Vince Esterman from Paris. They were inspiring, motivating and challenging.


We had a wonderful very warm week, the temperature was higher than normal and with the midnight sun shining day and night, the frame and atmosphere was exiting. The conference was held in a school close by the sea and I enjoyed to take some refreshing bath in the sea. One morning I went down to swim by 6.30 and was so refreshed, body and soul because I was all alone and could spend time alone in these wonderful surroundings with my dear Lord.

We met with many dear people in the family of God and also our son Karl Enok and his family were there and so was our youngest daughter Ruth Kristin. What a great extra blessing to us.

We had only one day at home before we started out for the next Bibleweek. I was grateful for the beautiful weather that day so I was able to take out dirty clothes from the suitcase and then wash, iron and put them back in the again, the same day!

While we were home we got the best news I have heard this summer. Our grandson Jakob phoned and told that he had received Jesus in his heart. How wonderful, praise God! He is 8 years old. How blessed he is and how blessed we are!

We had a nice trip to Stavanger on our way to Stokke. We stayed overnight at my home, we visited my mother staying at a nursing home and visited lovely sweat grandchildren and more family members.


At Stokke we were gathered between 6-700 people. This place is a place were young men and women are educated to become gardeners and the place is so beautiful, like a “Garden of Eden”, with big lawns for everybody to have fun, playing and have barbeque. Evening meetings are held in a big green house, some nights it was warm but it went well. One day the rain was pouring down, the previous night Tony Ling had been speaking of all the blessings God gave us from Heaven, snow, rain, clouds and so on. So people smiled, but we were all exited to see the sunshine next day!

The first night Erling was on preaching. But I will say it was more a poetic, prophetic declaration “ I have a dream” It was excellent, moving and exiting, Gods anointing and grace was upon him and he has got very much feedback from grateful people.

But we had many more good meetings and seminars, challenging and equipping us to do the Lord’s work. We had fellowship with friends and people we see often or some seldom, and we got to now new sisters and brothers. Some young people gave their lives to God, that is a greater blessing and joy than anything else.

In a few days we leave home for more blessings and joy in England.