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Når elvane fossar i årene dine

Når fjorden speglar fjella i sjela di

Når sola strålar varme frå augo dine

Når vinden har vorte eitt med ånda di

Når regn, sludd eller snø fyller orda dine

Når du har kledd deg i himmelskyer

Når du ber stjerner som krone

Når du ser deg sjølv som einearving

-til heile Guds vedunderlege verden

Når du ser alle andre folk som einearvingar

Når du kan syngja og tilbe Gud med heile kroppen

-og alt som bur i deg

Då veit du å verdsetja naturen

- Guds eige meisterverk

Back from Spain

Back from Spain


Saturday night we arrived home from a wonderful vacation in


. We have enjoyed the time together very much. It was warm and sunny but not too hot, so I could sunbathe on the flat roof when I wanted. I was swimming in the outdoor pool, often two times a day. We went to some marketplaces for shopping, and we enjoyed a lot of strawberries, cherries and other sweet fruits. No need for chocolates with so many different tasty fruits we could buy for a low cost. But I had some very tasty ice creams.

We were reading several books, and we were inspired by the Word and prayers and fellowship with God. God is always near, he never takes a vacation, hallelujah. I was strengthened and refreshed after this trip.

Erling and myself enjoyed each other company, we were laughing a lot and had a lot of fun. But it is no secret, we do this at home as well!

Now we are back to work. I have just been two days at Gullbotn were I have prepared food for the brothers in the team. It is good to work and to experience Gods power, His goodness and care in the everyday life. I can enjoy God every day and enjoy the fellowship and company of my wonderful husband every day. I am so privileged!