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Who can compare with Jesus?

Who can compare with Jesus

Who can compare with the Son of God

Who can compare with the King of kings

Who can compare with Him


Jesus, The Saviour, who forgives my sins

Jesus, The Healer, who heals my sicknesses

Jesus, The Lord, who rules my life.


His grace and mercy last from sunrise to sunset

His faithfulness reaches to the sky

He cares for me day and night

Every morning I can freely come before Him,

Lay everything down at his feet

He carries all my burdens away

He listens to all my requests

He hears all my prayers

He talks with me, we communicate together


Jesus, He is the Living Word

He speaks through his word

His word strengthens me, build me up

His word cleanses and washes me

His word is a lamp and a light to my path


Jesus, He gives the Holy Spirit

His good Holy Spirit refreshes and strengthens me

He is my helper, comforter and guide

He reveals eternal truths to me


Who can compare with Jesus

Jesus gives unconditional love that never fails

Jesus gives wonderful peace

Jesus gives abundance of life

Jesus gives a fullness of joy, happiness and laughter


He is magnificent, wonderful, eternally

He is great, He is good, He is faithful

He is my Master


I praise Him

I worship Him

I adore Him


Jesus I love you, no one can compare with you