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3 entries from February 2005

Home from India

Yesterday we arrived home after a very good, exiting, fruitful and busy month in India. It was wonderful to arrive at Flesland and see our son waiting for us, and then a few minutes later, having three lovely grandchildren running to hug us, laughing and rejoicing. In the kitchen was our dear daughter in law preparing dinner. I could just sit down to relax, talk and play with the children.

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The precious children with a new future

We are sitting in the living room of our friends Silas and Saritas. On our way to Uttareh in Sikkem, we have been invited to have lunch with them. Silas calls all the children of his home to come into the room. Shortly after, eight pair of big, brown, beautiful eyes are looking at us. They look happy and satisfied, but a little curious and shy at the same time, seeing these white, strange visitors.

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