The precious children with a new future
Dogg i øydemarka

Home from India

Yesterday we arrived home after a very good, exiting, fruitful and busy month in India. It was wonderful to arrive at Flesland and see our son waiting for us, and then a few minutes later, having three lovely grandchildren running to hug us, laughing and rejoicing. In the kitchen was our dear daughter in law preparing dinner. I could just sit down to relax, talk and play with the children.

We enjoyed an excellent dinner and later we got cream cake and coffee and tea of cause, Erling’s favourite drink. Really a happy, nice afternoon.

My sister and her husband stay with us while they visit their daughter and son in law who have just become parents to a little boy. When they arrived home last night we had a nice time with them, but we went rather early to bed after a long journey and 4,1/2 hours time difference make us sleepy in the evening.

Today, after a late breakfast with our two “guests”, I began  to do laundry from the big heap of dirty clothes. But the sun was shining from a clear sky so I could even put out clothes on the line outside. I am so full of thoughts and impressions in my mind from this trip to India. We have had so many different experiences, we have seen so much poverty, so many needs, tears have been filling our eyes many times. But also joy, laughter and gratefulness have never been far away when we met people who have been helped and have changed lives. I will probably tell some stories later.

God has been so good. He has been with us all the time, I am so grateful that I have been well and strong. But just now it is just good to be home and to relax a little bit!

Bergen has welcomed us with the most beautiful weather, but it is more than 30 degrees colder than we are used to from the last two weeks in India.