Flodbølgja – ein straffedom?
Ventande på Gud

Looking after grandchildren

Sunday evening we went over to our son, Josef’s home. I had promised to look after their children for some days, because Josef and Liz had to go to England to a funeral. Her dear grandmother had passed away.

Erling took them to the airport by 4 o’clock in the morning. Afterwards he went home to sleep in our home since he had much work to do the following Monday. I woke up every morning before 6 o’clock by hearing the sound of small steps in the hall. The children are always early, usually Lars Benjamin was the first, but they are all three full of life and excitement from they get out of bed till they go to bed between 7 and 8 o’clock. The two oldest are in Primary school .I made breakfast and I helped them to become ready in the morning. The little one, Lars is only 3 ½ years old, he was very good to play with his toys, it could be all his small cars or his many small “wild” animals. He also loves to play drums, but when the drum is not at hand, he uses what he finds, so an empty icebox served well the purpose and with a little stick he performed a good, noisy play. He also loved to help me with the housework and he was very happy when we made rolls together. Even the dough he found tasty.

One day the rain was pouring down, and the next it was snowing a lot, so we kept indoors most of the time. Jakob was ill with the flu, so he slept poorly for a night so I let him stay home from school the next day. So all 3of them loved to make buns together with me that day. They were very proud of their baking skill and so was their grandmother. Malene, a  good friend in the cellgroup brought in her kindness an activity book which the children used a lot to make things from.

One day the weather was quite all right and myself and little Lars had a lot of fun out at the play area before we went down to school to meet Jakob and Sara when they finished school.

The children were exited to see the parents when they arrived home Thursday evening. I was grateful everything went well, some tears had been dried, sometimes I needed to use the angry voice but most of the time everything went smooth. But I was tired when Erling took me home that night. I start to writhe, but had to give up because I fell asleep. So I slept till late this morning. (8 ’clock!) Children are lovely, our grand children are wonderful, but I must say to have your children while you are young is to prefer, like we did. Now I just have the pleasure and privilege to look after the grandchildren for shorter times.