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Vaktmann - ei profetisk røyst

A new year

Today is the first day in the year 2005. Yesterday is passed with good memories for me, celebrating the Ruby Anniversary together with my dear husband and 11 of our dear family members.

We enjoyed good food, and we got nice gifts from our children. ( I also got a very special gift from my husband!) We played games and had fun with the grandchildren and sent a few rockets to the children’s great excitement. After Josef’s family had gone home and the young ones who still stays with us for the holyday, had gone to bed, we sat down to fellowship.

As the year ended the 5 of us had a wonderful time praying together. It was a blessed way to start the New Year: to give thanks to the Lord, pray for each other, pray for our friends and families, pray for those who are in sorrow and sadness after the tragedy in Asia and pray for His Kingdom to come in the year that is ahead of us. It is good to pray, to surrender ourselves and everything into the Lord’s hand. He is in control, and I really believe great things will come to happen, many changes for the purpose and benefit of the Kingdom, and we as the people of God has to be alert and stay awake in these important days.

The catastrophe in Asia has shown how fragile a human life is, and every day we get to live is grace from God. But let us live with expectation every day, ready to listen and do work for the Lord. He is faithful, and he is with us every new day, so we have all the reasons to rejoice and look with confident to coming times.