A dark, rainy day.


This has been a wonderful blessed weekend. I am so exited, inspired and thankful to God for everything I have experienced in these last two days. From early yesterday morning when I went out of bed and looked through the window I had a reason to praise God. From our living room, the view I saw was so fantastic, like the pictures we see on Christmas cards. Only God can clothe the nature so beautiful. I was out on the veranda and picked fresh, green parsley from under the snow. I had a lot of housework to do yesterday, washing and ironing, baking a cake and prepared the dinner for Sunday. But I had CDs to play worship songs and I joined in praise and worship myself. I felt the presence of God, right there doing ordinary things. After finishing all my work, I had a nice evening together with my dear husband.

Today we had a wonderful day with the church. We were privileged to have visitors from the living church of God in China. Brother Yun, also called the heavenly man visited us together with a big team. Both brother Yun and sister Debora, a Chinese evangelist, involved in “back to Jerusalem” movement live now in Germany. We had a wonderful time of praise and worship and afterwards both sister Debora and brother Yun shared the good news and told us many great and moving stories from their lives about miracles and Gods care and protection. Many people went forward for prayer in the end. We had many visitors today, the hall was full, even with more chairs. Today the churches from Nord Hordaland and Osterøy joined us.
We had invited Josef and his family for dinner today and we had a great time. The children were so sweet and behaved so well, they were giving thanks for things they got and little Lars was so fine when he gave thanks for the food. Grandchildren are a blessing and we have many of them!
Tonight we went to “the Christ church” where brother Yun and his team attended the meeting. Several churches were represented this evening. The leaders in the pastoral network in town have arranged this weekend together. This night many people went forward for prayers. They wanted the flame to burn anew in their hearts, to share the good news with others. Thank you Lord for your wonderful work among us.
Text: Solveig