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Hjelp til dei som er råka av flodbølgja

Main_asia_erdm Eg har idag fått kontakt med vår venn Venkateswara Rao som bur i Machilipatnam som ligg på austkysten av India i delstaten Andra Pradesh. Vi besøkte han og var på stranda i november. Han driv eit fantastisk hjelpearbeid frå før med hjelp til sjølvhjelp gjennom ein organisasjon han har bygd opp: Faith Action for Community Transformation – FACT India. Då eg snakka med han på telefonen sa han at det var store behov for hjelp til dei overlevande i desse kystområda som vart råka av flodbølgja. Han set no igang eit hjelpearbeid og eg lova at vi ville samla inn midler som skal gå til hjelp for dei som har mista alt.

Eg legg ved den eposten eg nettopp har fått frå Venkateswara. Der vil du sjå at i hans område er det fleire hundre døde. Heile landsbyar er øydelagde og dei treng absolutt alt for å få ein ny start!

Midlar kan sendast til Kristent Nettverk sin kontonr. 3632.50.97587

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Thank you very much for your kind phone call and love and concern on our people which were effected with severe Tsunami.  I here with submitting the brief note of this Earth quake in one of the  worst natural disasters in the fast decay in Andhra Pradesh,  Hundreds of fishermen were died and Thousands of families were destroyed.  People living along the thousand kilometers long coastline were caught unawares when two to five meter high waves appear suddenly and swept away those who could not run to safety.  They were shocked bewildered as the huge wave returned .  As many as five times in some places especially in Machilipatnam and Kakinada.  A State thrown to frequent cyclonic storms, Andhra Pradesh last faced a disaster of such a magnitude in November 1996, When a strong 220 km speed wind ravaged in our district.

That day on 26th  is the important day of the Hindus.  Because the day was full moon and Nagapunnami.  The meaning of this word all the Hindus are worship in the symbol of snake. Before their worship they take bath in thesea.  Then they will go and worship the  symbol of snake.   That's why the several tourists were came early in the morning and taking bath to wash their sins through this sea bath..  At this movement the wave was came and Swept all the people.  And also several poor and needy people were selling their goods by the side of Bay of Bangal.  They have lost their lives and things.  On that day morning between 9 to 10'o Clock  the wave was came and completed their  job.  Due to this effect  in Machilipatnam beach (which we have visited) having 49 dead bodies was found and more than 600 fishermen was missed.  Because last night they went for fishing.  Due to this effect several villages were filled and stagnated sea water 3 to 4 feet.  No drinking water, paddy, vegetables, other commercial crops, prawn tanks, fish tanks, and animals also died and destroyed.  Still thousands of families are unable to go back their villages due to sea water. 

And yesterday also had the little bitter same experience in the same place.   So the effected area were filled with several dead bodies, animals, fishes etc.  We are unable to smell that polluted area.  The Government has measured and identified seven villages which were situated near by the side of Bay of Bangal.  From these villages they have identified 1,050 families which were deeply effected and lost totally.  They need provisions, Rice and clothing.  I am sending paper cuttings all other related matter by post. Before closing this letter I am very much grateful to God because  he has given you love and concern for the poor people.  Praise the lord the almighty God will fulfill all your desires. I am sending my warmful greetings  and also all our staff has been sending their loving greetings to you and Mam.  Wish you happy New Year.

May God bless you. Sincerely yours in Him, Rao.Ch.