Avkristning eller vekkelse?

A dark, rainy day.

Today the rain has been pouring down all day and it is still raining. The wind is very strong, it has been so stormy, north of Bergen the strength of the wind has been about 150 km an hour. When we left home  this morning by 6.45 it was not so bad. Erling joined the brothers for prayer and I prepared their breakfast. After serving them and tidying up in the kitchen, I went to town by bus.

What a weather, the rain and the wind made it very difficult to use the umbrella, but praise God, mine was useable most of the time, while I saw several broken umbrellas laying in the streets. I had to go down to the harbour side to meet with my relative. I had an appointment with her, but I felt like a “drowned cat” when I entered the TV 2 house where she is working. When I had walked, struggled to hurry  back to the town centre, I went inside a big shopping centre  where I was buying Christmas gifts. I enjoyed to feel the warmth and to “dry up” again. I finished all the shopping I had planned to do, and went to a cafeteria to have some lunch. Since I had an appointment at my dentist later to day, I stayed in the cafeteria and wrote many Christmas greetings to families and friends. It was nice and warm inside, a lot of lights and decorations from a big Christmas tree, not so many people, a rather peaceful atmosphere in contrast to the windy rainy weather outside.

But soon I had to leave for the dentist. He is a nice man and he belongs to our church but after being under treatment for about an hour, I was ready to go home. An hour later I met my husband on the way to the buss stop to bring me home because the weather was still so bad. Erling had heated the house, the wood was burning in the fire place. I had a warm shower and a warm meal. Afterwards I have just done a few small things because I am quite tired. How wonderful it is to have a nice home and a caring husband when I come home, tired and hungry. I am so privileged, so grateful to God because every days he gives me blessings to count.