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I am getting feedback, therefore I am!

To be somebody is to express oneself and having feedback

- from those who read or listen to us

- from those who observe and touch us

To be somebody is to interact with others

- because you love people

It is to communicate because you care

And staying connected because of the worth you find in others

The joy of being read

- is the knowledge that others take time with you

The excitement of having comments

- is the feeling that others take you serious

The thrill of getting feedback

- is the sense of being connected

To be somebody is being intoxicated

- by feeling of being in touch with the World

- the feeling of crossing borders

- the joy of breaking down barriers

- the excitement of getting rid of your own limitations

Being enabled to communicate

To people close to you and those from far parts of the world

Releasing creativity

To be somebody is releasing creativity in people around you

Helping them to leave the boring life of status quo

Launching out to explore the exciting life of creative adventures

The adventure of expressing themselves

In words and motions

In dance and drama

In oral or written form

In black and white and sparkling colours

Using pens and brushes, hands and feet

To unleash the impulses of their inner being

When you help people to be themselves

And to dare to express what they feel on the inside

Helping them to tap into the limitless reservoir

Of creative ideas deep down in their own heart

Then you really are somebody

For you are helping people to become a creative somebody

Infecting people

To be somebody is to infect people

By your joy and hope

By your attitudes of faith and love

By your positive words

By your wholesome lifestyle

By your acts of kindness

Great people have the capacity

Of enjoying being with people who are different

Sharing their life and values naturally

Great people are infectious

In the way they live and speak

Always giving of themselves

When you are not infected by evil

Not infected by the greed around you

Not infected by the envy you face

Not infected by the materialism of society

Or the fatalism of traditional religion

But rather infecting your environment

Then you are really somebody

Great people

To be somebody is the same as being great

Great people can be seen

- By their unselfish actions and their sacrificial service

Great people can be heard

- By their encouraging words and faithful confessions

Great people can be touched

- Through their practical involvement in our lives

Great people can be felt

- By the atmosphere of love, joy and hope that surrounds them

Great people have an effect on us

- They bring out the best in us

And creates in us a desire to change for the better

As great people has the capacity for enlargement

And the longing for change

That motivates them to never settle

But reach their full potential in God

Telling your own story

To be somebody is tell your own story
To share your own life with others
Trying to communicate hope, faith and love
That comes from your convictions
And your compassionate heart
That the best thing in life
Is to be like you
Completely dependent on God
Fully alive and aware of his presence
Totally abandoned to his grace
Free to enjoy his marvellous acts of kindness!

Pushing yourself forward

To be somebody is to push yourself forward
It is to lift your head above the mass
Avoiding being choked by the boring sameness of sin
Or being imprisoned by accepted rules
It is to make yourself free from conventional views
As you follow the Truth in ministering Grace
Liberating people around you to breathe freely
Even in the hostile environment of consumerism
As they keep looking steadily into God’s perfect law
- the law that sets people free

Living beyond self-interest

To be somebody is to live beyond self-interest
Knowing that you are sent on a mission
Knowing that your life has a purpose
Knowing why you are here
Not living for yourself but for something greater than yourself
Not living for self-interest but for the will of God
Not living for your own honour but to glorify God

Those who do the works they are sent to do
Are really somebody who have achieved a lot in life
For they have embraced the cross
And died to themselves
To become something for others