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To be somebody is watching a catastrophe take place

In distant areas of the globe

But being present through prayers and compassion

As you watch the horrible pictures on the screen

From your comfortable chair

In your warm and safe living room

Thousands of miles away

But still feeling the pain in your entire being

The pain of losing your dear ones

The pain of having your property destroyed

The pain of being left with nothing

The pain of not seeing any future

The pain of having no hope

The pain of watching the terrible effects

Of the earthquake tsunami in safe surrounding

Feeling out of place

Feeling inadequate

Feeling helpless

Not being able to help personally

But being out of touch

Your mind can’t grasp the magnitude of the catastrophe

Your heart can’t bear the sadness and the sorrow

But you are still watching and praying

-         and sending your donation to the relief organisation

But the pain is still there