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Pray for our covenant brothers and sisters in Orissa

I have received information from our covenant friends in Orissa that they are suffering under the attacks from Hindu fundamentalist. Please pray for peace to return and an end to all violence taking place at the moment in the State of Orissa.

Some days ago, a Hindu fundamentalist leader, who was instrumental in inciting the violence against our covenant friends last December, was killed along with four of his followers. This was perpetrated by Naxalites, (a Maoist group) who are waging an armed struggle against the governments of many of the eastern states in India. However, his followers have gone on a rampage and damaged many homes and church buildings in that district. They are forcing many of our brothers to take shelter in the forests like they did last time.

Pradhan, who is leading the work in the Kandhamal district called from the jungle. Together with many other hundreds of Christians he has taken shelter in the forests in the wake of violence which has spread in that area.

Today we have received information that several of our co-workers are directly involved and suffering from the attacks. Tolo's village has been destroyed. Most of the houses have been were destroyed. 4 people were killed. Rajkumar's village was also attacked and 2 people killed. Sanatan's village was also attacked, 2 people killed. Most of these people have been sheltering in the forests.

Pradhan told us that he had shifted his family to another place, which he said was safer. The whole of Kandhamal district is under curfew. He has requested prayer for peace to return to that area as soon as possible.

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A nonviolent alternative

I have been reading a recent book by Brian D. McLaren called "The secret message of Jesus." I have bought several of his books and I have been browsing some of them, but this is the first book by him that I am reading through. I find the message of the book very fascinating and challenging. He has a chapter on the Peaceable Kingdom of God. I didn't expect an American Christian to be in favour of the non violent alternative that Jesus was preaching. It was a pleasant surprise! He included in this chapter a very good quote of Martin Luther King Jr. after asking some good questions.

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