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I consider your prophecies to be my greatest treasure 

Psalm 119.11 I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

This is also a word that has followed me from my youth. I have experienced what the psalmist is talking about. Therefore, I have written this truth in one of the first pages of my Bible: This book will keep you away from sin, or sin will keep you away from this book. There is a deep truth to this.

When we store God's Word deeply in our hearts, we will be led and motivated by the Word to do what is right and good and to avoid that which is sin. With the Word of God in our hearts, we will be aware of what God wants to do for us and through us. When the word of God dwells in our hearts, we will know God's will and be able to choose the right path when we have to make choices.

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Liberating the moment

To be somebody

is to liberate the moment

from the dullness of being taken for granted

It is to avoid the temptation

to capture the moment

through a camera

to print it on paper

but rather to enjoy the moment

for all its worth

liberating it from memories of the past

by embracing the new moment

arriving every second

I am somebody

when I live in the present

enjoying the ever flowing Spirit of Grace

who enables me to give thanks in all circumstances

taking hold of opportunities

and letting go of past failures

as I embrace the moment of God's presence

Looking with new eyes

To be somebody
is not only to explore
virgin territory or unknown places
but to look with new eyes
- look from new perspectives
- look with new perception
- look with new expectancy
- look for new insight
to the old and known world
to discover the virginity
and the hope for a new beginning
in the midst of corruption and decay
and than seize the moment
to make history
in our own little world
knowing that the great achievements
is the sum of all the small deeds of faith

By faith we can see
the impossible become possible
and the invisible become visible
and the world changed to a better place

Treading new paths

To be somebody is to tread new paths

To be somebody is to know:

- there are still paths to be made

- there are more paths to be discovered

Even in the midst of setbacks when the darkness covers everything

To be somebody is to do great things, but not in the old ways,

- looking for new places - new areas

and new administrations of my gift

treading new paths of blessing others

Correcting your own mistakes

To be somebody is to correct your own mistakes

- mistakes long overlooked.

It is to look at yourself - with new eyes

- with new understanding,

To correct and improve yourself,

To become a more harmonious person,

Removing the small disturbances,

Deleting the imperfections expressed in your life.


To be somebody is to be able to see your own shortcomings

- and humble yourself to ask for grace and help

To overcome any obstacle,

That the divine image may become visible in you.

A historic person

To be somebody is being a historic person

born into history by real parents

raised in a family of brothers or sisters

educated in a public school system

-but climbed above the average

-by becoming self taught

-in skills of life and spiritual wisdom

Being a historic person born into history

-not just to flow with the current trends

-but to create new trends

-set an example

To be somebody is to motivate change in people

-to change the course of history

-by many followers

Life long learning

To be somebody is to learn as long as one live

-receiving new insight every moment

-gaining deeper appreciation

-going awake through life

-enjoying the present

-loving the people coming our way

To be somebody is actively taking part

-in life long learning

-in life long personal growth

-in life long corporate development

To be somebody is paying the prize

Of learning by personal change

-of attitude and actions

-of habits and motivation

Docta ignorantia

I am somebody because I understand

-how ignorant I really am

If I say I know the truth

-I only deceive myself and expose

-my own ignorance and pride

The more I know Him who is the Truth

-the more I realise how little I know

The better I know the truth

-the more I seek to know Him

The truth is always greater

-greater than all my images

-greater than my understanding

-greater than my faith

-greater than my knowledge

-greater than my experience

-greater than my explanation

-greater than my insight

-greater than my thoughts and mind

-greater than my heart

He who is the Truth is always greater!

Still this is my testimony:

I know Him and I love Him!


To be somebody is to respond
To the word of the Lord
Spoken to you by a human being
By humbling yourself
- through prayer and fasting
Seeking to understand the times
- and the seasons of the Spirit
Preparing yourself for things to come
To live out the eternal purpose
Of the mystery made known to you
Knowing that the drama of eternity
Is acted out in the present
In down-to-earth obedience
To the Lord of the Universe

Receiving prophetic words

To be somebody is to receive prophetic words
Concerning your future
- your ministry
- countries to visit
- people to minister to
and persons to meet

It is to be given insight
Into the unseen realm
And the seasons of the Spirit
Through words and visions
Through signs and dreams
Brought forth by men and women
Moved by the Holy Spirit

When God bothers to speak to me
Through other persons
I really feel that I am somebody
If that had not been the truth
He would not have spoken
Encouraging and strengthening words
Helping me to grow

These words also help me to realise
I am what I am only because of his grace
Only because of his sovereign election
I have become somebody
To his own glory