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Looking with new eyes

To be somebody
is not only to explore
virgin territory or unknown places
but to look with new eyes
- look from new perspectives
- look with new perception
- look with new expectancy
- look for new insight
to the old and known world
to discover the virginity
and the hope for a new beginning
in the midst of corruption and decay
and than seize the moment
to make history
in our own little world
knowing that the great achievements
is the sum of all the small deeds of faith

By faith we can see
the impossible become possible
and the invisible become visible
and the world changed to a better place

To be somebody is to fly with the wings of encouragement

To be somebody
Is to allow words of encouragement
To become wings of faith
Making you ignore limitations
Causing you to jump over walls
Motivating you to cross borders

To be somebody
Is to believe and receive words
Appreciation from unknown people
Praise from close friends
As seeds of greatness
Producing desires to serve
In greater variety and measures

To be somebody
Is to fly with the wings of encouragements
To new horizons of joy
In being connected to a new reality
Having your life enlarged
Being enabled to break out
Of geographical and cultural limitations
To explore the limitless sky
As prophetic words are coming true
In walking humbly with your God

Text: Erling Thu (c)

Treading new paths

To be somebody is to tread new paths

To be somebody is to know:

- there are still paths to be made

- there are more paths to be discovered

Even in the midst of setbacks when the darkness covers everything

To be somebody is to do great things, but not in the old ways,

- looking for new places - new areas

and new administrations of my gift

treading new paths of blessing others

Creating life

To be somebody is to create life

In dead material

- and among living persons

Giving dead material a new form that speaks.

Making imagination pregnant, exuberant, fruitful.

Generating new forms of life

By sowing dream-seeds and new thought patterns,

Releasing talents and empowering people.

To be somebody is to be full of life and joy

In such a way that you are contagious,

Rubbing of joy, optimism, faith and love

To all people you touch during the day.

When you live your dream you will create life

In people who is catching your joy

And starts dreaming their own dreams.

Having a dream

To be somebody is having a dream
That consumes you like a fire
Giving you no rest but
Motivating you to make great sacrifices
Preparing you for bold initiatives
Stirring you to adventurous living
As you are pursuing your dream with joyful hope

To be somebody is having great dreams
Nor only for yourself and your own people
But having dreams on behalf of the underprivileged,
And having dreams for your affluent society
Or the many suffering groups in the world

When you are dreaming great dreams
Of a changed society and a better world
You will lay down your life as a seed of hope
As a fruit everyone will see
That you are really somebody
For you are not living for yourself

Receiving prophetic words

To be somebody is to receive prophetic words
Concerning your future
- your ministry
- countries to visit
- people to minister to
and persons to meet

It is to be given insight
Into the unseen realm
And the seasons of the Spirit
Through words and visions
Through signs and dreams
Brought forth by men and women
Moved by the Holy Spirit

When God bothers to speak to me
Through other persons
I really feel that I am somebody
If that had not been the truth
He would not have spoken
Encouraging and strengthening words
Helping me to grow

These words also help me to realise
I am what I am only because of his grace
Only because of his sovereign election
I have become somebody
To his own glory