On the second ferry today!
We build our hope on what God has promised.

Mission completed

We are on the ferry again, this time towards home after a wonderful time at Gullbotn with our covenant friends. Some of us have been working together for the King and his Kingdom for more than 40 years. My loving wife and I have been married for nearly 59 years. Covenant and faithfulness are two sides of the same coin! God is good

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It takes faithfulness to complete a mission, and it is a great joy to complete it together with faithful people. The mission might be great and very important, or it might be seemingly small and insignificant. The important thing is that we complete the mission. The mission we just completed was not very glorious or  significant, but the main thing is that it was completed. There is joy and greatness in completing the mission assigned to us

On the cross Jesus Christ cried out these powerful words: It is completed! He completed the greatest mission ever. He came to destroy the works of the evil one. He came to save mankind from sin and shame. He came to give himself as a ransom to redeem humanity. He completed the mission. Salvation is now available to everyone who believe in him.