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When discouraged and heavy thoughts creep into our soul.

Psalm 119,50 It is my comfort in my sufferings that your word gives me life.

Once again, we see how truthful David is when he talks about life. It's one of the things I like most when I read the Psalms. David and the other psalmists are so brutally real and honest in what they say. They do not hide their disappointments and difficulties. They depict bitter and bad feelings. They put words to dark and heavy thoughts. But they take us along to the jubilant high points in life when they celebrate God's salvation.

In this verse, David is in trouble and is having a hard time. From the context we understand that this misfortune is something his enemies have inflicted on him. His opponents have made life miserable for him. Problems pile up and he sees no visible solution. Everything is dark around him and he feels alone. He is in great distress. It is in such moments that discouragement and heavy thoughts creep into our souls. Then we need God's comfort, as David did.

David found comfort in God's word. The Word created faith and life. The Word gave him hope and refreshed him. I have experienced the same many times. When the pain has been great and the heavy thoughts have been painful to fight with, I have time and again found comfort and new courage in the Word. I do not live by bread alone, but every word from the mouth of God gives me life. God's Word is a source of life. In the middle of the darkness and the bad news, I find comfort in the fact that what he has promised has enabled me to live through the bad and come out on the other side, - alive in God's power and grace.


Lord, in all my trials and difficulties I find great comfort in your promises, because they keep me alive!

We build our hope on what God has promised.

The main theme of that section (Ps 119:49-56), which now takes up the Hebrew letter ZAYIN, is the comfort the psalmist finds in God's word when the culture he lives in mocks and persecutes those who believe in God's truths. He has full confidence that God will save him, because he rests in the Lord's law.

Psalm 119.49 Remember your word to your servant. Through it you have given me hope.

This section does not start unexpectedly with a prayer to the Lord. David has learned to pray. He knows that the Lord hears when he prays. In this stanza he reminds God of the promises he has received from the Lord: Remember the Word you have given your servant! Don't forget to do what you said! This is a very important lesson to learn.
Firstly, we must learn to absorb the Word so that it becomes personal to us. Or put another way, we must learn to hear God's voice when we read and base our thoughts on the words of the Bible. It is possible to read the Bible without hearing God's voice, without the Word speaking to us. We must avoid that at all costs.
I am completely convinced that the Bible is the word of God. Nevertheless, it can happen that I read my daily chapters without something coming alive for me, without something speaking to me. Then I have to stop. Then I must humbly ask the Lord for help to get hold of what he wants to tell me in what I have read. Then I read once more while praying that I notice something I can learn from what I read. As a rule, God hears that prayer and I see things I didn't notice the first time I read.
Many good promises in God's word have become my personal words from God. But of course I get words from the Lord in other ways also. It is the same how God's word comes to us, when we have received a promise from God, we must constantly remind God of what he has promised.
Note the next stanza: Through it you have given me hope! When God speaks to us, we gain hope. Through the Word we get something to hope for, something to look forward to. The promises of God create light in the dark. Words from God drive the dark and heavy thoughts away, because they create hope.
The good thing is that God is a faithful God. He keeps what he promises and does what he says he will do. It doesn't matter how difficult life can be, God will never leave us or let us go. When we remind God of what he has said, it also helps us. It helps us hold fast to the promises and to the hope. It helps us to fix our eyes on the faithful God who keeps what he promises. We build our hope on what God has promised.
Lord, don't forget the promises you have given me, because they are my hope and courage!

Mission completed

We are on the ferry again, this time towards home after a wonderful time at Gullbotn with our covenant friends. Some of us have been working together for the King and his Kingdom for more than 40 years. My loving wife and I have been married for nearly 59 years. Covenant and faithfulness are two sides of the same coin! God is good

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It takes faithfulness to complete a mission, and it is a great joy to complete it together with faithful people. The mission might be great and very important, or it might be seemingly small and insignificant. The important thing is that we complete the mission. The mission we just completed was not very glorious or  significant, but the main thing is that it was completed. There is joy and greatness in completing the mission assigned to us

On the cross Jesus Christ cried out these powerful words: It is completed! He completed the greatest mission ever. He came to destroy the works of the evil one. He came to save mankind from sin and shame. He came to give himself as a ransom to redeem humanity. He completed the mission. Salvation is now available to everyone who believe in him.

On the second ferry today!

We are now on tve way to Bergen and Nordhordland to visit friends and end up at Solveig’s Dear sister! We are going from son and grandson to a sister. Family is very precious and wonderful gift from God intended to be enjoyed

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Family is a growing love relationship which is dynamic and expanding in exciting ways.

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On the ferry again

We are on the way to Haugesund to celebrate our grandson Jonathan. He has just completed 22 years. Grandchildren are a source of great joy and Jonathan is no excemption. It is always a great joy and plessure to travel with my Dear wife.

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The woman behind

Yesterday I wrote an entry about the well-known Bjørn Olav Hansen – a giant of faith and prayer. Today I like to share with you a little bit about the woman behind the man. This woman is a great woman of God and a giant in the Kingdom of God. There is a popular saying going like this: Behind every successful there is a surprised woman. I like to change this sentence to a better version: Behind every man of God there is a praying wife or woman! The praying woman behind a man of God is more important than we normally understand. The humble woman behind is often not appreciated nor honoured in the way she deserves.

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May Sissel Hansen is such an important woman behind the man of God that I want to honour her. Whenever I see her, she is a big smile, but I believe that behind there are many burdens and tears shed in the secret place of prayer. Her husband has a big name among believers in Norway, he is well-known, but what about his precious wife? Is she appreciated for her selfless service, her humble assistance of her husband?

May Sissel is always serving. She has the heart of a true servant of God. She is looking for opportunities to serve and to bless people. She has the gift of showing hospitality and are blessing the many visitors they have in extraordinary ways. Solveig and I had the privilege of enjoying a wonderful meal at their home quite recently. We really enjoyed the food but even more we enjoyed the company, the blessed fellowship of being together.

Whenever I see Bjørn Olav speaking at a conference, I observe that May Sissel is in the background. He is in the front, he is visible, but she is always the important person behind. Often, she is not seen at all, but she is always there behind the scene ready to assist. She has an eye for what he needs at any time, and she is always there to help and to serve. She is really a hero! She is the woman behind the man of God.

I am sure May Sissel have had the same experience many times that Solveig and I had recently. I had been invited to preach in the Sunday morning service in a church. At the beginning of the meeting, I was warmly welcomed to the by the leader from the front when the service started. Solveig was not mentioned at all. We were sitting together, but she was totally overlooked or ignored. I felt bad but choose to keep quiet. The precious woman behind the man of God was not appreciated. What a shame. It was not the first time she was overlooked; I am afraid it happens to often to the important women behind the man.

Whenever I am asked to preach, I spend time in prayer and preparation of the message. Behind me there is a prayerful wife who is travailing more in prayer for me than I do myself. Sometimes she brings me words or visions from God that helps me in my preparations and enables me to bring the Word of the Lord to the churches.

May Sissel is having a similar function towards her husband. She is a prayerful lady. I do not know exactly the many ways May Sissel is praying for Bjørn Olav, or how her prayer and spiritual insights helps him in his ministry. But I know that she is behind him and share a vital role in his fruitful ministry. Without her he would not have been the man of God that he by the grace of God is.

I like to honour May Sissel for her humble and prayerful ministry to the Lord. She is an example of godliness and holy devotion to God for everyone, whether we are men or women.

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Text: Erling Thu

A giant of faith and prayer

On our way to the mountain area for a few days of vacation and picking cloud berries we visited a man of God: Bjørn Olav Hansen. He is our longstanding friend, but more important he is a praying saint, a giant of prayer. He. is one of my heroes of faith.

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We have co-authored the book we are holding in our hand: The Big Family Prayer Book. It is a collection of prayers covering the entire life span, from birth to death.  Some of these prayers have been prayed by the people of God for hundreds or thousands of years as some are taken from the Bible and some from throughout the entire church history. Several of the prayers are written by the two authors behind the book.

Bjørn Olav Hansen was a journalist for several years before he became a Baptist Pastor. He is one of the founders and leaders of the Norwegian Prayer Council. He has been very important in the prayer movement in our nation.  Constantly he is ministering in all kind of churches helping the people of God into a fruitful prayer life in the power of the Holy Spirit. That he is still doing this, is a miracle to me. For many years he has been suffering from the Parkinson desease as well as many other serious sicknesses. He is no longer able to stand while he is preaching and teaching, often we see him in a wheelchair, but he is never quitting! By faith he overcomes many obstacles.

He is also an excellent writer and have authored many books. But through his blog,  he is reaching many more people than through his books. What he is writing on his blog he also publish on Facebook and his writings are a great encouragement to thousands of people. I admire him that he in spite of his many health challenges every day share his insight and wisdom with us through social media. He is also very transparent and makes himself vulnerable by sharing with us his struggles. This adds weight to everything he writes and publish as we understand this is real stuff not theories.

I want to encourage all my friends to keep Bjørn Olav in prayers, that God may strengthen him and enable him to continue in his important ministry!

Dear reader, thank you for taking time to read what I write. As I have been hacked and blocked from my social media, I ask you to share posts from my blog on your social media. You may just click on the logo of Facebook and Twitter under this entry to share it with your friends. and followers. Thank you for spreading the message!

Text: Erling Thu

Excellent dinner


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We are having a wonderful time in the mountain of Vegglifjell. My Dear wife prepared a delicious chilly salmon dish today! I am very blessed by God through this beautiful and kind wife he has given me.
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Crossing the mountains

We have had a wonderful journey from the West to the East crossing many mountains driving through beautiful valleys and arriving safely at Drammen where Josef and Elisabeth had prepared a most delicious meal for us. God is good!

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Hacked - no access to Facebook

Nearly two weeks ago someone hacked, phished or otherwise compromised my Facebook account. I have been deleted from all my sosial media groups.
My Facebook account has been taken over by a person called Kien Con Cac. I have no longer access to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram. It is not a nice experience. I feel cheated, exploited and stupid. I have reported everything to Facebook but have had no help. The links they have sent me does not solve my problem and Facebook seems to be unable to help in this matter. I find this very strange.

Before Facebook I was an eager blogger. After Facebook came on the scene it has taken over and I have only been using my Typepad platform for blogging occationally. I now plan to take up blogging again.

I may have no access to my Facebook account, but I have full access to all the heavenly blessings in Christ. I am a child of God and I can enter the presence of the Almighty God. I may be blocked from using Messenger, but I no one can block me from using the door of prayer. I may be shut out from sosial media, but I am still part of the holy community of the covenant people of God. What I have lost is not really very important. The real values in life no one can take away from me. I have free access to the Throne of Grace. No one can steal my identity as a child of God. My heavenly profile or account can not be compromised. Therefore I rejoice in the Lord. God is good. I am safe in his hands!


Today my Dear wife made me an Excellent Salmon dinner and a most delicious desert. I am trying out publishing from my phone as I have no longer access to my Facebook account. God is good at all times and I will be returning to blogging!

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Bible Week

Our Bible Week - Lys og Salt - was a wonderful experience of the presence of God among his people. I am so grateful to the Lord for all he did among us this time.

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