Crossing the mountains

Hacked - no access to Facebook

Nearly two weeks ago someone hacked, phished or otherwise compromised my Facebook account. I have been deleted from all my sosial media groups.
My Facebook account has been taken over by a person called Kien Con Cac. I have no longer access to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram. It is not a nice experience. I feel cheated, exploited and stupid. I have reported everything to Facebook but have had no help. The links they have sent me does not solve my problem and Facebook seems to be unable to help in this matter. I find this very strange.

Before Facebook I was an eager blogger. After Facebook came on the scene it has taken over and I have only been using my Typepad platform for blogging occationally. I now plan to take up blogging again.

I may have no access to my Facebook account, but I have full access to all the heavenly blessings in Christ. I am a child of God and I can enter the presence of the Almighty God. I may be blocked from using Messenger, but I no one can block me from using the door of prayer. I may be shut out from sosial media, but I am still part of the holy community of the covenant people of God. What I have lost is not really very important. The real values in life no one can take away from me. I have free access to the Throne of Grace. No one can steal my identity as a child of God. My heavenly profile or account can not be compromised. Therefore I rejoice in the Lord. God is good. I am safe in his hands!