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Savika’s mission trip

Sunday, 23rd October 2022, early in the morning we woke up because we had a long way to travel. Right at 6 am we all got out of the house and rode the vehicle which was taking us up to Manari Bazaar.

The cold breeze was softly blowing through the windows of the vehicle, while we were warm inside. As we travelled, we also saw the sun rise and the mountains reflecting the light of the sun. The sight was beautiful. We travelled through highways to bumpy and rocky roads to nice roads. We finally reached Manari around 11 am.

We got out and unloaded all the bags from the vehicle. Then we went to a hotel to have lunch. We ate warm rice, lentils, meat, and pickles. After we had eaten, we waited a while till the vehicle to Aambari came to pick us up. The vehicle finally came but only one vehicle came and there were 14 of us. The vehicle only could fit half of us but was insisting it could take all of us but only 10 of us were going there.

Funny thing is that Devendra uncle was not happy that it was taking a lot of people and it would be uncomfortable, but his bag was the first to be put on the vehicle’s top and he was shouting “ay ayy tyo mero bag” which means ay ayy that’s my bag. After a while he had cooled down and also, we had just stopped laughing but just then a bag fell down from the top of the vehicle and it was none other than Devendra uncle’s bag and we burst into laughter.

Leaving that there we again travelled to Aambari. From inside the forest, we travelled to rivers we reached and crossed villages to reach Aambari. We finally arrived at Aambari and with excitement we got off the vehicle.

We all were staying at the Church building, so we had to go there and we had to walk uphill which was a very narrow and trippy way. We were not even halfway far, but we all were very tired and out of breath, but slowly we went, step by step. Finally, we reached the church at the top, but there were other hills higher there. We rested for a while, and we sang songs. Then after we went to eat dinner a bit down from the church and the food was delicious.

We then went back to the church building and made a schedule for the next day. We came outside to clean ourselves where millions of stars were shining above the clear sky. As we were tired, we went to sleep and were completely knocked out and fell asleep.


We all woke up early since we were having devotion from 5 am. All of us gathered and had devotion. For that day we had planned to go around the village to each believer’s home and have fellowship with them. We all had 5 team members and we all were going to different places. Some of them were going downwards the hill, some upwards the hill to other villages and some to other places.

Our team had the easiest place we just had to visit the houses around the church. For the first house we had to walk a bit far and while we walked, I slipped on one of the rocks and nearly ended down at the wheat field. When we reached there, we had fellowship there, we prayed for them, their family, their house, their animals, their fields, and their works.

After we had had the fellowship my papa and the uncle talked about the field there and agriculture. We then went to the second house, and we prayed for that family, for their field, animals, works and them. Like that, we visited 11 houses. It was very blessed.

In the afternoon we went to eat lunch and after we had lunch we had another place to go. We walked to visit the next village where we had believers there too. The village was far away because we had to walk for a long time through hills and rivers. We finally reached there all tired. We visited two families. We had fellowship there and we returned.

When we were returning, I again slipped inside the river and thankfully the river was not too deep, only my trousers got wet.  By the time we arrived at the church it was already dark. I changed my clothes, and we headed down for dinner. After eating dinner, we went back to the church where we again made a schedule for the next day. We then again cleaned ourselves and went straight to bed after having a long and tiring day. The day was blessed.


That morning we woke a bit late, but everyone had already gathered for devotion, so we had devotion and started to prepare for the day. That day we had a children fellowship and with our team members. We were taking a group of kids with their certain age. We had divided the kids according to their age and my team got kids of age around 10 to 12.

My co-partner taught about Abraham’s test, about how he was faithful to God and would obey to his commands even though it was tough. I taught about Samson’s gift from God, like how God gave him strength, he also gives us gifts that we may not know but we must know what that is.

Other groups had taught about Joanna, about Cain and Abel, about God’s creation and more. I learned that the children there are getting education, but they are getting education a bit late according to their age.

We later danced with the kids and almost all of us joined the dance even my mother and father were dancing. We had a very blessed time with the kids. We later went down to the river, all girls, females one side and boys the other side. All of them took a bath there but I did not. I was not feeling well. I just played with water with my hands. After all of them finished bathing and washing cloth we again headed back to the church. We rested for a while and again went down to the church to eat dinner. We had very good food and we returned, made a schedule for the next day and went straight to bed.


Like the previous days we started our day with devotion. That day we did something different, we went a bit down from the church to plant potatoes. Our team ploughed the field, made a very nice plant bed, then spread manure and planted the potatoes. Those potatoes will be ready to harvest after 2 months during December. We had a long and interesting day ahead, so we went back to the church and got ready for the day.

That day we were having youth fellowship and 4 members of our group were speaking and teaching the youths. They taught the Kingdom of God about how the kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking but living a righteous, peaceful, and joyful life. About God reigning in the place where he has 100% will. They taught about a strong foundation, about building their Christian foundation where no wind nor storm can destroy them. Like that they should have a strong foundation of God where nothing can destroy their foundation. They also taught about God’s nature, about how he is above all, about how he is the alpha and omega and more about his nature. They taught about the role of church in society too. I really thank God for I also got an opportunity to speak the word of God.

As for me I taught about what faith is and what kind of faith should we lay on God? I gave them the example of babies laughing when we throw them high in the air because they know that we will catch them. It is their faith that we will catch them. I also gave them the example of Noah. I had a very blessed time there.

At lunch time we had to go downhill, cross the river to eat our lunch. After we had come back to the church there was a youth talent show. Many youths sang, danced, and even played skits. It was amazing. Later I played with the kids there. We played by running, chasing each other, and lying down together. Later we again had to go down for dinner down the hill and crossing the river was very much exhausting since we had to climb back up the hill after dinner. We had our dinner down the house and again climbed the hill slowly and then we finally reached the church. We were very tired, but we still discussed how our day went and again made a schedule for the next day. We were tired so we were completely knocked down to sleep after.


This day was such a blessing to the people in the village and for me as well. In the morning we started our day with devotion. On that day we had a women's fellowship. My mom and the aunts with us were teaching today. They taught about the kingdom of God, God’s characteristics and about how to read the Bible and how to love God. My mom taught them about what idolatry is.

That day I hosted and led. It was such a blessing. But me getting baptized was even more blessed. It felt amazing as I got born once for God. It felt holy and wonderful as I was inside the water and came out from it. It felt holy. I was very happy that in my baptism there were lots of people to witness my commitment with God. I was glad that there were pastors and leaders to pray for me. That day as I got baptized 3 other girls around my age also baptized according to their will. I was very happy that the other 3 girls also got a new life in Jesus Christ.

After the baptism was completed, we went to see the waterfall. We had to walk very rocky and slippery ways. The ways were very risky. But soon we reached the waterfall. It was beautiful. The wonders of God are extremely beautiful. The waterfall stood there beautiful and powerful. The waterfall was so powerful that one of our brothers nearly drowned there as he wanted to swim there but because of the pressure of the waterfall he was pulled under. Thankfully he got rescued by the other brother.

The waterfall showed that it is beautiful yet powerful about how God's creation is unique and powerful, and nothing compared to what us humans' intelligence can do. After admiring the waterfall for a while, we returned back as it was getting dark. The way was not very easy. It was difficult to walk, my papa's slipper even got destroyed because of the way. I had a sister to help me through the way and I am very grateful toward her. We slowly but finally reached the church but we did not have the key inside there, so we stayed outside for a while but not long. After the key arrived, we went inside and rested for a while then again went down to eat our dinner. It was our last dinner there. We stayed there a bit long.

After we had eaten our dinner. Every one of us from our team gave thanks to the family for helping us and giving us meals. We all gave thanks to the aunt there because she had been and helped us from the day we arrived there. We prayed for the family there and went back to the church where we discussed about the day and made a schedule for the next day. We prayed and went to sleep. 


We woke up early as we were leaving that place. We had devotion then we all packed our bags to leave. That day it felt bitter. We all got ready to leave all of us feeling bitter. We walked downward the hill. The same hill that had made me trip and made me tired was not hard to walk anymore. We walked easily downwards the hills. The same fields which waved us welcome the day we arrived were waving their farewell to us.

We reached down the hill, and we had one last home inviting us for breakfast. We had our breakfast there, prayed for that family and got out of the house. The same vehicle that dropped us there came back to pick us up. This time all of us fit inside the vehicle leaving the brother and sister who came with us since that was their village.

We farewelled the sky, fields, the land and the people there. It felt awful and bitter to farewell them, but we had to. The vehicle started to drive, and we left the people waving at us. We left the place and the moment that we had there, but we brought the memories with us which made us feel better. As the vehicle crossed the river, the forests, and places there we knew how special the moment was when we were there, we knew how special the place was.

We arrived at Manari Bazaar and 4 of our team members were departing from there. We had a vehicle already waiting for us, so we stayed a bit then also farewell and left Manari. The vehicle drove as we left Manari Bazaar. It felt bitter to leave that place, but the time goes on and on. We just can’t live in a moment forever, but the moment is always unforgettable.

We arrived at Kathmandu at maybe 4 o’ clock. We had left during tihar - the festival of lights so when we came back there were still lights around us. At evening we could see the lights shining all around us but we are Christians, and we do not celebrate those festivals so our house was not full of lights as other house but inside the house and inside our heart the lights surely were shining brighter than the lights around us. This is and always be an unforgettable moment for the team of ours and me. 

I thank God for this blessing we got to experience.

This was written by Savika