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Savika’s mission trip

Sunday, 23rd October 2022, early in the morning we woke up because we had a long way to travel. Right at 6 am we all got out of the house and rode the vehicle which was taking us up to Manari Bazaar.

The cold breeze was softly blowing through the windows of the vehicle, while we were warm inside. As we travelled, we also saw the sun rise and the mountains reflecting the light of the sun. The sight was beautiful. We travelled through highways to bumpy and rocky roads to nice roads. We finally reached Manari around 11 am.

We got out and unloaded all the bags from the vehicle. Then we went to a hotel to have lunch. We ate warm rice, lentils, meat, and pickles. After we had eaten, we waited a while till the vehicle to Aambari came to pick us up. The vehicle finally came but only one vehicle came and there were 14 of us. The vehicle only could fit half of us but was insisting it could take all of us but only 10 of us were going there.

Funny thing is that Devendra uncle was not happy that it was taking a lot of people and it would be uncomfortable, but his bag was the first to be put on the vehicle’s top and he was shouting “ay ayy tyo mero bag” which means ay ayy that’s my bag. After a while he had cooled down and also, we had just stopped laughing but just then a bag fell down from the top of the vehicle and it was none other than Devendra uncle’s bag and we burst into laughter.

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