Passion and delight in the Word of God
Praying with friends

I want to lay hold on the word!

Psalm 119.48 I will lift up my hands toward your commandments, which I love, and I will meditate on your statutes.

It may be a little unclear as to David's intention to raise his hands towards God's commandments, but I think it's about raising his hands to grasp the word of God. He says he loves God and wants to reflect on God's precepts. That is why he wants to raise his hands to lay hold on the word of God and not let it go. He loves God and will meditate on the word to understand God's plan and will.

I like this attitude I find in this verse. He says that he will seize God's commandments in order to live according to them. He raises his hands, he obeys God's law and will do everything he can to do what God says. This is how all Christians should live; raise our hands and stretch us according to the word of God. We will strive for the life depicted in the Word. We will forget that which is behind and will discourage us. We will chase the goal and try to seize everything God has for us, everything He has promised us in His word.

It may also seem like David is saying this: "I will lift my hands in worship as I come to your word that I love and rely on, so you can give me more insight and revelation." This is also how I want to raise my hands towards God's commandments and praise the Word. I love the word of God. I rejoice when the Word comes to life for me. I thank God everytime the Word opens up for me. Each day I ask for new and fresh revelation.

"I long for more revelation in your truths for I love the light I get in the Word when I meditate your commandments!"