A tribute to Tony Ling
Show me the meaning of your way

You make my heart great

Psalm 119, 32 I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart! 

With these words, David shows us his great zeal for the Lord. He is eager and full of fire. He has a burning desire to live according to God's commandments. "I hasten to obey your laws!" "I want to run in the way your commandments."

That's a fantastic attitude David is expressing here. May we all have the same willingness of heart and mind towards the Lord's commandments.

There is a wonderful reason for this prayer: "For you make my heart great!" Some thinks that this  it is about gaining more understanding in the word of God: "for you help me to understand the commandments right." If there is narrowness in our hearts and if we are restricted in our minds, we will not understand the word of God the right way. If we are one-sided and petty, the understanding of the Word will also be so. Then we become prisoners of the letter that kills and brings condemnation. Then we become legalistic and judgmental. Then we hang up in all sorts of details and small things, and tend to hit others in the head with strong opinions.

When we run in the way of his commandments, we have no time to discuss small things and trifles. For when we are zealous for God, He makes our heart big and gifted. Then we will be filled with joy and courage. Then we think big thoughts about God and what he can and will do. Then we can dream big dreams.

Perhaps the most important thing about a great heart is the ability to see others and make room for them. People with big hearts care about others. They have care and are concerned of others. A great heart shows great love. A big heart sees the "gold" of another human beings. A big heart thinks big about people. A great heart is filled with the love of God, and can love as God does.

A big heart has room for great joy. Delight in belonging to the Lord. Joy of life. Enjoying small and large blessings. Enjoy people and friends.

"You make my heart big!"  You made me generous. You help me to have a big outlook on life and the people I meet. When God enlarge your heart, he makes you a great and strong person with great wisdom and understanding beyond measure, and breadth of mind like the sand on the seashore (1 Kings 4.29).