You make my heart great
Understanding to observe the law

Show me the meaning of your way

Psalm 119.33 marks a new section. All the next eight verses start with the Hebrew letter He. In these verses we find many prayers to understand God's path. These are prayers that God's people need to pray in our day.

Psalm 119.33 Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end. 

"Lord, teach me!" This is how a disciple prays. Whoever is an apprentice says this to his master. "Teach me the profession. Teach me how to do it. Teach me to become a master who knows his subject, just like you! ” When David says, Lord teach me, it becomes too weak to compare it with the student asking his teacher for instruction. He had both priests, prophets, and wise counselors he could get help from, but he asked to be guided by God's counsel. For who is a teacher like him? (Job 36:22)

Therefore, David does not only pray as a disciple. He prays first and foremost as a humble worshiper when he says, "Lord, - Jehovah - teach me!" He invokes the holy name of God, Yahweh, when he prays. In other words, he turns to "The Eternal I Am". He prays to the one who revealed himself to Moses in the burning bush. He prays to "He who is who he is" - the eternal and unchanging Almighty God, who has created heaven and earth. David was aware of whom he was praying to. We also need to be that. That is how we must pray. We must come before the Lord, the Eternal I Am, Yahweh, as a worshiping disciple.

"Teach me the way of your statutes". Note that he does not ask to understand the wording of the statutes, but the path they point to. God's Word always points to a path to a walk, - to a way of living. In other words, David prays that God must help him to live right. He asks for help to use the Word for himself and to be governed by what God says. When in doubt and unsure as to what to choose, he wants to hear God's voice say: "This is the way, walk on it!" (Isa. 30:21).

When you show me the path I should choose, I will always walk in it! David pledges allegiance to the revelation in the word of God. He will keep God's ordinances all to the end, until he reaches the final goal of faith, eternal fellowship with God.

"Give me a revelation about the meaning of your path, so that I can enjoy the reward of following them fully throughout my life."