A choice for life helps us in adversity
A tribute to Tony Ling

Let your whole life be firm and anchored in the word of God.

Psalm 119,31 I cling to your testimonies, O Lord; let me not be put to shame! 

Again, David confess his choice of life: "I cling to your testimonies!" He has bound himself to the word of God. In fact, he says he has been glued to God's commands. His entire life is firm and rooted in the Word of God. He has made a lifelong decision to hold on to the Word as his most valuable treasure. He hide it in his heart and lives after it.

When we have this choice of life to be faithful to the word of God and live to His glory, it will make our steps firm and steadfast. Then the soul enemy will not easily be able to tilt us off the stick. Then we will not falter here and there. Then we do not want to be double minded and ambiguous, but focused and purposeful. When we have made this big choice, it is quite easy to take all the smaller ones we have to take in everyday life. Then life has a safe direction and we will not be easily tossed to and fro by the many seductive philosophies of the day.

Because he clings to the Word of God, he prays, "Lord, do not let me be ashamed!" Don't leave me to a failing judgment so I abandon your path and shame myself.

David met with a great deal of resistance, even his wife despised him and claimed that he brought himself to shame when he publicly rejoiced and danced before the Lord. Here in this world we may face resistance and adversity. We can be mocked and scorned. We can be laughed at and made fun of. We can get scolded and talked badly about. Of course, we can ask to be saved for this, but we must know that this shame is only temporary. It will come a day when we will see everything in a new light. It will be an accounting day for all people. The day will come when God will pay every man according to his deeds. No one who believes in the Lord and walks on his path, will be put to shame that day. For the Lord takes care of us and pays us honour when the time comes.