I want to live in complete freedom!
Passion and delight in the Word of God

I will not be ashamed of the word of God or His good arrangements!

Psalm 119.46 I will also speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to shame, 

It is a bold David we meet in this words. But it is not wishful thinking he expresses. Before he was king, he was both bold and preached the word of God to King Ashish and Saul. After becoming king, he continued to speak to kings about God's testimony and law. He did not hide what he believed in and whom had his loyalty.

We have much to learn from the boldness David shows us in Psalm 119. We must never be afraid to say who we believe and who we have chosen to serve. We must not be offended by the word of God or his good arrangements. God is good and all His laws are good. The Word of God shows us the way to the good and happy life. We have tasted and known that God is good. We want to make that known to all people, both high and low.

Daniel and his three friends who were taken to Babylon captivity are good examples for us. They were under great pressure to adapt to the culture they were living in. They refused to succumb to the pressure, even when they were threathen being killed. With great boldness and wisdom they preached the word of God and were not ashamed. They were willing to die for the truth, but still ended up getting high and important positions in society.

Peter and John stood before Sanhedrin, the supreme government among the Jews, but they did not give in to fear. You boldly testify of Jesus. Council ministers were amazed and could not resist the spirit and power they had. Although they were uneducated men and stood before highly educated theologians and councilors, they did not flip off the stick. They were not ashamed, but the council ministers were, when they could not deny the miracle that had happened when they raised the lame man and made him well in Jesus' name.

When God confirms His Word, we who proclaim God's Word will not be ashamed!

"When I stand before kings or presidents, I will tell them the truth as the Bible says, and will never be ashamed!"