Courage to Say What God Says
I want to live in complete freedom!

I will keep your law continually

Psalm 119.44 I will keep your law continually, forever and ever, 

In trusting that God answers and shows his faithful love, David comes with a bold promise. "I will always keep your law!" These are strong words, but it is a attitude that the Lord reewards. David will forever live in accordance with the law of the Lord.

I am very happy for the bold confidence David shows in the word of God. He often puts  this confidence into words loud and clear. We cannot be uncertain of what he believs. He says that God's word is to be trusted. He says that God's commandments are good for us. He claims that the law of the Lord sets him free to live a good life. He can even rejoice  and entertain himself in God's good laws and ordinances. Clearly, he has experienced the blessings God pours on those who walk on his path.

I also really like what he says in this verse. He states that he decided. He has made a choice for life. "I will keep the law continually, forever and ever!" There is no room for wobbling here. He knows what he wants. He has chosen a course for life, and nothing can change him for this course.

I made the same choice. As a young teenager, I chose to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Since I was young, I have decided to hold on to the word of God. I made a choice for life and stayed with it ever since. For this reason, I have been spared a lot of bad confusion and uncertainty. When we, from youth, wish to have the word of God as a guide for life and learning, there is a good and safe way ahead of us.

When we know where to go, when we have the goal clear to us, it is easy to choose the right path. Then we do not need to spend much effort to wonder whether we should take another route or a road that leads in the opposite direction. When we drove on the southern highway in my young years, we drove past a little white house with this text written in the roof of the roof: If you want to go to heaven, you must chose the way that leads there! It is a self-evident truth that we often forget.

Forever and always can also be understood to be about future generations. Like David, I also want to pass on the Word of God to future generations. Paul said that we should pass on the doctrine we have received on to others. We have to take care to pass the Word on to faithful people who could pass it on to others. Continually, God's Word will be passed down from generation to generation. My Great-grandfather was a Norwegian revivilalist suffering for Christ, and to this day the Word has been passed on to new generations. It is a blessing to be part of such a series of handovers. Today, I find that the prophetic word in Isaiah 59:21 is fulfilled: "My words that I have put in your mouth shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your children and grandchildren!"

"I will keep your laws for ever and will never forget what you say!"