I will keep your law continually
I will not be ashamed of the word of God or His good arrangements!

I want to live in complete freedom!

Psalm 119.45 and I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought your precepts.

When David has stated that he will always, at every moment, follow the law of God, he continues in this verse with a prayer to walk in an open landscape. I was born and raised in Jæren, at the south western coast of Norway, and I love open landscapes. At Jæren I can breathe freely. I am not created for trong fjords or valleys or deep forests. I have to have a view, preferably see water, to thrive. Tronge landscape depress me because I feel I'm trapped. For this reason, I have asked many times to get out into a wide and open place so that I can live and breathe freely.

Many English editions of the Bible does not translate this phrase as a prayer, but rather as a happy conclusion: I will walk with you in complete freedom! Because I ask for your orders. I should not be trapped and closed in by the enemy. Because I am glued to the word of God and always seek to do what he wants, I will enjoy the freedom of living in a wide and open place.

Thus, the perfect freedom is to be free to do what the law of the Lord says and thus to do what God wants. The devil promises and lures with freedom, but will actually capture us in destructive sin. To live by the word of God is to live the way we are created to live. When we do God's will, we get to know what freedom truly is. No one is as free as the one who can say no to himself and own desires to live for something greater than what human and secular. Sin makes us slaves, seeking God’s will makes us free. To be ruled by human fear and others' opinions is to be tyrannized. Being free to choose what is right, is the greatest freedom.

When we from the heart do what is right, we are free human beings. Then no one else can shut us in. When we are born again and have the Law of the Spirit written in our hearts, we feel free and happy as we live by the law of God.

"I want to walk with you in complete freedom, for I seek to follow every one of your commandments"