Defend me against ridiculous and negative criticism!
May your gentle and faithful love overwhelm me

I long for your commandments!


Psalm 119,40 Behold, I long for your precepts; in your righteousness give me life!

David has just talked about the scorn and disgrace he gets because he stuck to God's word. With that in mind, I think what he says is very strong: "I long for your precepts!" That is a powerful statement that we need to look more closely at.

It is not that he only loves God's words and rejoices in what he has seen and experienced by God's good words and schemes. In fact, he says he longs for the Lord's commands. He longed to know them better. He passionately longed to put them into practice in an even stronger way, despite all the resistance he had to face.

It is the same attitude that the apostle Paul had when said he did not think of himself that he had achieved it, or that everything was perfect. He is chasing forward to seize all that God had promised in Jesus Christ. He was an apostle and preacher. He was the leader, but said to those he led: Brother, I do not think of myself that I have seized it. But one thing I do: I forget what is past, and stretch out for what lies ahead of me! (Phil. 3:12-13)

Let us forget about the past with its shame and defeat, and chase after the goal and stretch ourselves toward what lies ahead in God's plan: life in God's justice. We pray and yearn for God to show justice and refresh and renew us according to His word.