Confirm your promises to me!
I long for your commandments!

Defend me against ridiculous and negative criticism!

Psalm 119.39 Turn away the reproach that I dread, for your rules are good.

David prays for grace to be spared from the mockery and shame that comes from sticking to God's good laws. He is like us and obviously doesn't like to be looked down upon. He wants, as we all do, to be respected for who he is and for what he believes in. Unfortunately, he knows from bitter experience, that he is not always respected when he speaks the word of God.

When David talks about the reproach he fears, he is not primarily is scared, but rather that this is what he anticipate will happen. Paul also said that all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted (2 Tim 3: 10). Even Christ experienced this: "The mockery of those who mock you, fall upon me" (Rom. 15: 3).

Atheists or people who hate God have been more loud and aggressive today. They can use derogatory words and have great contempt for those who believe in God. When we are God's friends, the world quickly becomes our enemy. Unfortunately, we must anticipate to be mocked and scorned if we love God and his words. It is not pleasant to be mocked and disgraced, but we can carry this mockery with a raised head, for it is really directed at God. It is an honour for us to suffer for his name, but most of us will probably prefer to avoid that honour.

David loved the word of God. "Your laws are good," he said, finding personal joy in God's Word. But he lived in a culture where he met scorn and contempt when he announced God's good law. He met the same challenges we face in our day. Today, Christian values ​​go against the flow. Often the word of God is not politically correct. As we work out the Lord's good arrangements, we can face reproach and dishonour.

Your laws are good, can also translate into your judgments being good and beautiful. In spite of all mockery and dishonor, we must hold that what God has said is good and beautiful. God is good and all His laws are for the good of man. God's good and beautiful judgments will help us live meaningful and good lives.

"Defend me against the ridiculous and negative criticism I get when I live by your beautiful words!"