Turn my eyes away!
Defend me against ridiculous and negative criticism!

Confirm your promises to me!

Psalm 119,38 Confirm to your servant your promise, that you may be feared.

This prayer shows us that David had learned to recdeive the Word of God. There was no longer any talk of commandments, laws or regulations. He has received the word to him into his heart. He has heard God through the Scriptures. He has read and meditated on God's Word in such a way that he has heard God's voice through what he has read and meditated on. We see that from what he says: "Your promise to your servant." God's word has become personal to him. This is one of the most important lessons we can learn, learning to hear from God as we read the Bible.

Paul speaks of people in Jerusalem who had the prophetic scriptures read to them on the Sabbath without hearing the voice of God nor the voice of the prophets (Acts 13:27). It is therefore possible to both read in the Bible and to preach the word of God without meeting God in the word. It is probably one of the reasons that David many times in Psalm 119 ask for revelation, that God will show him what the law indicates. That he should understand the meaning of the regulations. Here in verse 38 it is clear that he has received answers to his prayer. He has received a personal word, a promise from God. This is a word he has hidden in his heart and prays accordingly. 

When we have received a personal word, or a promise from God, then it is important to pray that God must confirm it and thus fulfill it. Paul writes to Timothy, reminding him of the prophecies spoken about him, saying that by them he may fight the good fight (1 Tim. 1:18). When the elders laid hands on him and spoke prophetic words he received a gift of grace that he should not neglect (1 Tim. 4:14). Later Paul wrote that he had to fan into flame and rekindle this spiritual gift imparted to him. The prophetic word had created something good in him. He had received a spiritual gift of grace. But the mission and the prophetic words were still not fulfilled. Therefore Paul urges him to pray.

Mary prayed, "May everything you have promised me come to pass!" We can pray the same way. The Lord watches over His Word to perform it. (Jer. 1:12).

"Confirm your promises to me, for I am your beloved, your servant who bows before you to honour you!"