Let your whole life be firm and anchored in the word of God.
You make my heart great

A tribute to Tony Ling

To be somebody is to be like Tony Ling

Being truly, uniquely, one of a kind,

  • The eloquent prince of preachers
  • A visionary man with a message
  • A prophetic father,
  • An outstanding hero,
  • The best example, a true legend,
  • A covenant friend

Being an awesome man of God,

having humility and inspired wisdom.

Being an amazing man of the Word,

sowing seeds of truth that liberates people.

Being a container of revelation,

opening up the Word of God,

helping people to find Jesus on each page of the Bible.

Being warmhearted and devoted to Jesus,

expressing passion and zeal for his Master.

Being unforgettable funny,

having a deep sense of humour,

making people laugh, creating so much laughter.

Being an incredible man of God,

making everyone feeling welcome and special

Being humble and brimming with the word,

always imparting revelation of Jesus

Being an incredible giant of faith,

leaving an immeasurable legacy

that will continue to enlighten

the people of God in generations to come.

Being a remarkable prophetic man,

changing people’s lives through his prophetic words,

envisioning and empowering them

to fulfil their calling in life.

Text: Erling Thu, May 6, 2020