Keep me far away from false ways
Let your whole life be firm and anchored in the word of God.

A choice for life helps us in adversity

Psalm 119,30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I set your rules before me.

In this verse, David says something very important. He says with great conviction and zeal: "I have chosen!" He has made a decision. He has taken an unshakeable stand. He has decided what he wants to do, how he wants to live, what goals he wants to achieve. He has made a choice for life. Such choices of life are vital to us and will save us from turmoil and confusion. I thank God that at a young age I had the grace to make a choice to serve the Lord all of my life. This choice has helped me many times of adversity and temptation. It has helped me to guide my life through many challenges and trials.

All the way from youth, David made this choice to follow the path of faithfulness. He probably uses this expression as a contradiction to the lying path he talked about in the above verse. Some versions say the path of truth. The Way of Truth is the eternal truths of the Bible and is the only way to true happiness and deep joy. The way of faithfulness is to be faithful to the Lord. It is to believe and obey the law of the Lord and live in the truth. David says that he has decided to always trust in God and to trust in his words. The road of faithfulness is the way the Bible shows us. This path is easy to find and easy to understand when we have chosen to be faithful to God.

Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life!" Through him we can come to God. We will be able to live right only through him. Or rather, only he is life, only he can live this life through us. We have to choose the path of Jesus because it is he who is the path of faithfulness. In our days, we are presented with many roads and many choices. Many people try to make their own way by taking a little here and a little there. Sooner or later, they will be broken and disappointed, for there is only one way that is safe and good. Only faithfulness to Jesus will lead us to the right goal.

When David goes on to explain what this way of faithfulness entails, he says, I set your rules before me. "I have your laws for your eyes." In other words, he is all the time by concerned with what the word of God says. He has decided to have mind and thoughts turned to God. He is always aware of the law of the Lord. Choosing the way of faIthfulness is to choose the word of God as the only guideline for life and doctrine.

Having God's laws before us, can be compared to one who learns to write and copies what is written on the sheet before him. Or a worker who has placed the work drawings in front of him, so that he can build exactly according to the drawings. We must always have God's Word in our mind and thoughts  that we can live to God's glory. Therefore, it is important to memorize the word of God and hide it in our hearts. Then we can have it before our eyes in all situations and be able to live by the Word.