I consider your prophecies to be my greatest treasure 
I speak continually of your laws

Teach me the life-changing powers of your precepts!

Psalm 119:12 Blessed are you, O Lord; teach me your statutes!

Blessed are you, Lord! The psalmist is personal when he says, "you, O Lord," and he is full of admiration and worship. You are marvelous, Lord, who has given us such good and glorious law. That law testifies about how loving and caring you are. This law shows us your glorious and holy character. Your law is good, holy and spiritual, so we worship and praise you who have given us your life-giving words.

Blessed are you, O Lord! This is some of the best we can say both about God and to God. When we use this term, we say that he is perfect, that he is worthy of worship and praise.

God is good and everything God does is good! He is holy and righteous. He is faithful and compassionate. He is gracious and gentle. God is love. Therefore we love him and worship him wholeheartedly. With such an attitude of worship we get a right attitude to the word of God.

Then a prayer is born in the heart: Teach me your precepts! Let me become more and more acquainted with your glorious law and your good word. This approach is absolutely necessary if the Word is to help and bless us. We do not put ourselves above the Bible. We do not meet what we read in the Bible with skepticism, disbelief and criticism. We are like children who come to their dear father to receive guidance and training in coping with the challenges of life. We come as apprentices to learn from the Master. We come as a bride in love with the groom to the hear words of loving encouragement.

Teach me your regulations! This is the prayer of those who love God. When we love God, we love His words. The more we know God, the more we understand how much we have to learn. The walk with God means lifelong learning.

“My wonderful God, you deserve praise above all! Blessed are you, Lord! Teach me the life-changing powers of your decrees!”