Give your servant plenty
I am a stranger in this world

Open my eyes!

Psalm 119.18 Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.

This prayer is perhaps the secret of David’s appreciation of the word of God. He prays that God must open the eyes of his heart to a spiritual understanding and insight. God's law is full of wonderful things, but it is not always easy for the human eye to grasp it. Therefore, we need to pray the prayer for revelation that David prays in this verse.

Each morning as I sit down to read the Bible, I ask for the grace and help of the Holy Spirit to hear God's voice through what I read. I ask for grace to see the light of God, that the Word will become light to me and show me the way I should go. I pray for revelation, for grace to see the wondrousness of God’s law.

In our day, we are bombarded with propaganda, opinions, views and a lot of questionable information. If we are not awake, we are influenced by rationalism and the materialistic view of life. The secular humanist worldview pushes on us and can dominate the thoughts more than we are aware of. When we read the Bible, we encounter many things that may seem strange and things that are difficult to understand for a mind that is darkened by secular and rationalist thinking.

Lord, open my eyes, so that I can see the wonderful things in your law! God's law is good. God's law is wonderful. God's law is

 holy and righteous. God's law is spiritual. God's law is permeated by God's love. God's law exists for the sake humanity, to help us live the good and sacred life we ​​were created to live. We don't always see this. It's not always that we manage to grasp it. Therefore, we need to pray for the Lord to open heart and mind so that we can see and understand God's good plan.

“Open my eyes to see the miracle wonders hidden in your word!” (TPT)