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I will meditate on the word of God and walk on his path

I delight in walking by your testimonies.

Psalm 119.14 In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.

We meet a wonderful attitude of heart in this verse. The focus is on God's law or testimony. The psalmist says that God's Word shows him how to live and that he finds great joy in living the Word. He uses strong words: "I delight, I rejoice, I find the supreme happiness in your statutes! I delight in walking by your testimonies." He actually says that he finds greater joy in following what God says than in all the riches of the world.

Notice the joy of walking in God's law. The joy fills us as we do what God says. The Lord's testimony shows us the right and good path, but it is only when we walk on this path that we experience the deep joy of walking with God.

God's law shows us how we are meant to live, how we are created to live. As we adhere to God's Word and live accordingly, we will experience a feeling of deep satisfaction. It is an immensely great joy when we feel whole: oh, that is what I am created for! It's so meaningful. It's so good. 

It is so safe and rich that it is difficult to find words that fully express the happy state we are in when we know we are doing what God wants.

Being able to rejoice in the law of the Lord is a sure sign that the Word of God has taken root in the heart and bears fruit in a pure life. David says that this is something he has done for a long time: I have enjoyed walking through your testimonies! As king he had great wealth and he had many things to enjoy. Yet he says that he has found greater joy in the words of the Lord than in all the riches he had been given. He is very personal when he tells of this deep joy he finds by living in the Word.

David was well aware of adversity. He had to fight many battles. He could be very despondent and deep down. He had to face many difficult challenges. In the midst of the dark and chaotic, he nevertheless had a deep joy in the word of God which he carried through both good and bad days of the day. I can say the same thing. I have been a Christian for over 60 years. Throughout these years, God's Word has shown me the way and given me deep joy. In adversity and hardship, God's word gives me joy. Oh, I want both young and old to experience the joy of living in God's Word!