I will delight in God's law
Open my eyes!

Give your servant plenty

We can put, life in abundance, as heading over the next eight verses that all start with the letter gimel. We gain this life through prayer and faithfully adhering to the Word of God.



Psalm 119.17 Deal bountifully with your servant, that I may live and keep your word.

David starts this section with a heartfelt prayer: Do good to your servant. He does not come with a claim, because he has no reason or right to demand anything from God. But he can turn to God in humble prayer. This is something we can all do. We can come before God with our passionate and heartfelt prayers.

When we pray we are honest and show our helplessness. We turn to God because we need help. In fact, we are totally dependent on God doing good to us. If God does not show us grace, it is over with us. When we pray that God will do good to us, we pray that He will be kind to us. Yes, we ask to live in His friendship - that His friendship and blessing should rest bountifully upon us.

All the words in this verse are shaped like a prayer: "Give your servant plenty, so that I can live and keep your words." The meaning, is that we depend on God to provide us with abundance, that he is gracious, friendly and kind to us, in order to live and obey his word.

God is the origin and source of life. Everything comes from him. Life comes from him. He is the one who sustains us and keep us alive every single day. He gives us everything we need to live. It is the abundance of grace and blessing that has enabled us to keep the word of God. Living by the word of God is the good life. Keeping God's Word is the greatest joy and blessing a person can experience. In order to live in this we depend on God doing good to us and entering us into His friendship. In the fellowship with God is the abundance of life.

"Let me, your servant, walk in abundance of life that I may always live to obey your truth."