What to do when people are plotting against you?
To be somebody is living in the sacred garden of covenant

Following God's counsel is the safest thing we can do 

Psalm 119.24 Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors.

This verse is the last one to begin with the Hebrew letter gimel. In the first verse we found a prayer for life in abundance. Then we have seen that the psalmist faced many challenges in his life. It was not easy for him to handle the adversity and negativity he met. Therefore, I think the way he ends this section is extraordinarily great.

In the midst of all that can be difficult to cope with in life: He met mockery and ridicule from people. Leaders talked negatively about him and worked against him. Life was not easy. He had a lot to contend with. Still, he had a source of joy. God's testimony enabled him to rejoice. He could enjoy the Lord's commandment. What a wealth to own a Bible. What a privilege that we can read the word of God. No matter what happens around us, we can rejoice in what God says.

"Your testimonies are my joy and my counselors.” He could rejoice in the law of God, for it gave him advice. These two things hung together. Dei works both ways. When we rejoice in God's testimony, it is easy to find counsel and guidance in the Word of God. As we are led by the Word, it gives us great pleasure.

David says that God's law or testimony gave him advice. He has the simple belief that the Creator knows best how we are made to live good lives. Therefore he takes counsel  in the word from the mouth of God. He let the Word shape the inner values. He saw the Word as his inner compass that he guides his entire life. "Your testimonies are my counselors."

This word counselor is an important word. It means taking part in God's plan. It is to see God's eternal purpose. To partake of God's counsel is to find meaning in life. Following God's counsel is the safest thing we can do. All human advice and plans have limits. They will be short and become old fashioned sooner or later. New times and challenges demanded new plans. This is especially experienced by politicians. The advice we receive from the Bible is never outdated because they have their origin in the Creator. Living according to God's eternal plan is the most sensible thing a human being can do.

“Your commandments are my counselors; your word is my light and delight!” (TPT)